5:00:40 – Theme from Aplicacion de Capa de Sellado Asfaltico [FedFlix], Walk, What kind of human by Gino Pertot (album: Jew Nails) [Golden Pavilion], Porch, SUBWAY SPECIAL TO THE WORLD’S FAIR THEME, Enter The Wolf Clan by Cyber Wolf Clan [Jamendo], Fine Fine Fine by The Mentalettes (album: Jerks from the garage) [Budabeats], Going Blind by The Sway [Jamendo], Summer School (1987) trailer, Joyride by The Feelds [Jamendo], DJ 1, Oshen – Pacifican Herbsman – Mthymusik ARCHIVES [Jamendo], Since 1984 by Atomik Circus [Jamendo], Chewin Gum live by Smarton Trio + 1 (album: Jerks from the garage) [Budabeats], Sign Maintenance and Installation (1996) [FedFlix], Mother Earth by Schattenfell [Jamendo], DJ 2, Freedom voice of my soul by Art Boys Collection (album Stoned Wall) [Golden Pavilion], Happy Hour (1987) trailer, A Post Modern Weekend by Karibean (album: Love, Tears & Spiritual Blessing + Bonus) [EardrumsPop], Deberias sustentarlo by Nubian [Jamendo], Theme from Land Surveyor, Part 5: Traversing (1992) [FedFlix], Cashmere Paisley Polyester by Fingers Of The Sun (album: Jerks from the garage) [Budabeats], DJ 3, Books, 42nd, DJ 4, Dreams 89 (10/12/89 and 12/16/89), END. F1813

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