The Overnightscape #590 (Wednesday, April 25, 2007 / 1:38:00 / 44.9 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: An experimental Wednesday pure “Journeys in Midtown Manhattan”-type episode, website updates, expansion codes, maniac driver, Audi showroom, premonition, Port Authority Bus Terminal alarm, Hell’s Kitchen, walking through a whirlwind on 42nd St., handing out free “lasers”, free newspapers, unavoidable debris, lenticular animation, bathroom smell, The World’s Largest Guitar Smash (Hard Rock Cafe), tour bus, vague Keep America Beautiful event, a breeze so incredible it’s like a doorway into another world, police barriers, police dog, Crumpler bag, shirts, construction zones, Nat Sherman, The Grateful Dead,, sirens, Chase, MetLife Building, the hippie fantasy, going online while walking down the street, loss of wondering and musing, fire engines, evacuation routes, heavy chains, atheists, Godiva, religiously independent, magical parameters, a busted version of reality, pigeonholing, on a mission to “The Magic Cow”, Ellusionist playing cards (“Black Tiger”, “Ghost”, “Viper”), chemtrails in the morning, Stoic 2, Chrysler Building, Hyatt Hotel space station, engagement party, return of the cruel shows, document destruction, Laser One, meteor, podcasting-free Sundays, nitrogen, cool misreadings (“Donate Your Chair”, “Glass Centerpiece Now”, “Fashion Murderstore”, “Ionic Masterpiece”), Empire State Building, Doctor Who (“Daleks in Manhattan”), hamburger character, stairway from a dream, The Magic Cow is gone, calling The Magic Cow, confusion at Maui Tacos, mixing root beer and pink lemonade, The Compleat Strategist, cigar (“Conga Black Pearl”), playing cards (“Black Tiger (all suits white)”), sunlight, Oakley Fives 3.0, recording the announcement for the end of the new feed of the show (right before 580), grits, polenta, The Oatmeal Gambit, butter, missing the bus, walking to another bus stop, Bell System manhole covers, wires, news on Treo, and being inside the bag. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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