1:10:52 – Supermarket bags, string art, can can, Bugs Bunny, TV show “Smash”, Marilyn Monroe, mind control, American Idol, Broadway music vs. rock music, giant glowing heart in Times Square in the rain at night, the sound, clip art, phone problems, Caramel Cob, Kleenex Wallets, John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band, The Alan Parsons Project, Whitney Houston, New Jersey, people singing on the red steps, Main Entrance Mystery, Nightstation update, new audio container ideas, flying books, The Lorax, Rush song “The Trees”, Ayn Rand, exploring an audio world, movie review – Chronicle (2012), forced postal spentgag, bad arcade, “France” dream, amazing visions, The Coneheads, Kellogg’s Cinnabon cereal, Bewitched, Paul Lynde, chocolate-covered bananas, sopping up decades of pop culture in the 70s, Harry Potter, and the theory of these other people. F1784

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