The Overnightscape #584 (Friday, March 16, 2007 / 2:15:00 / 61.8 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The 4th anniversary of the dawn of The Overnightscape, PATH train, Canada, understanding daylight savings time, old Mac game “Solitaire Till Dawn”, Statler Brothers cassette, video game review (“Tetris DX” on Game Boy Color), the world of Tetris, beverage review (“No. 209 Gin”), the history of 209, digressing, postal codes, Nunavut, cool old commute (Liberty State Park Light Rail Station, to ferry, thru WFC and WTC, to subway), the old Jeep, 1.5 million second mark, psychedelic stuff (“I thought I saw an astronaut doll”, “A coffee cup in a dream”), Corporate Coffee Systems (, Van Houtte Cafe, Gramma’s painting of Trapper’s Peak, college basketball “March Madness”, ants, baby powder, American idol, Bloomfield tries to ban Sopranos filming, a dark mood, stressing out, religious argument in the Corridor of Losers, a chance meeting with Phil (from the wedding at Woolman Hill) in the Port Authority Bus Terminal men’s room, Swedish candy review (“Cloetta Plopp”), Sweet Factory, the house Martha Stewart grew up in, kids harrassing frank, The Fishman Cigars (“Rocky Patel Sun Grown”), ignoring people, pot, leaving a burner on, Jembro, miso broth, supermarket review (“Whole Foods Market (in West Orange, NJ)”), confused by The Oranges, designer salts, pickles, food review (“South River Miso – Three Year Barley”), probiotic microorganisms, lip balm review (“Organic Eco Lips Vanilla Hemp”), inceense review (“Triloka Original Hrebal Incense – Hawaiian High”), the first live soap review on the show (“Pangea Organics Bar Soap – Canadian Pine with White Sage”), creepy environmental stuff, a new perspective on the Star Wars prequels, Sony PlayStation 3 Home, a post about The Overnightscape on the greatest website ever – Malls of America (, Willowbrook Mall, Little Cinema, The Purple Room video game arcade, Matt Mason’s box of stuff from Japan in Epcot that was hijacked by the other show, candy review (“Botan Rice Candy” (previously reviewed on #554)), holograms, and the soap of the rich. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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