2:31:50 – Former purity of Smartfood, choice as an illusion of freedom, Amazon App Store free apps, Teavana, rooibos, mate, pu-erh, excessively-flavored teas, Johnnie Walker Double Black, Laphroaig, Lagavulin, hot bus, new Smartfood flavors, Smartfood Movie Theater Butter flavor, video vending machine, Cracker Jacks, Lithos, Xavier Sans, fonts, PB Max, grape Bazooka Joe, Overnightscape meetup tomorrow, Charms lollipops, Pringles and ume riceball for breakfast, cravings, Harry Belafonte line, union protest, Occupy Wall Street, memes, gods at war, Garrick Hagon and Koo Stark in Star Wars, reincarnation, Chipotle, annoying noises, listener comments from the past two months, Smidge Kurdlebaum, Torchwood, The Dark Tower, morphic fields, Garrod, mushroom, struggles, plans, Dale, Manny the Mailman, the earthquake, Wayne, Nightweek concepts, Mark J, Mainframe, The Noise of Art, The Art of Noise, Domo, Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, Carrie Michel, Leanne from South Africa, Randy, Mr. Pibb, baseball, DVR issues, Terra Nova, X Factor, Hungarian X Faktor, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, Peep Show, Fringe, Anna Torv, Steve Jobs memorial at the Apple Store, new Grand Central Apple Store in weird energy spot?, surprise visit to the New York Comic Con, heading over to the Javitz, subway, ticket confusion, end of Qwikster, stopping bad plans, walking down 34th Street, The Overnightscape Archive, a cruise ship on the river, lanyard, on the Comic Con show floor, Vampire Freaks, The Prodigy, The Cultyard, impulse buying, object printers, action figures, Capcom, goat girl, dead dolls, Spy vs. Spy, The Doctor Who Store, do I know anyone in Artist Alley?, maids with cat ears, outside, walk to the bus terminal, Hershey Whatchamacallit and Thingamajig, the next thing I see written down will be the title of the show, We’ve Moved!, Yotel, robotic arm, cosmic restructuring, the sidewalk ends, modern art, Chadcast Superlistening, and Condor Shack. F1753

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