2:15:01 -  New health food seating area, Numi Earl Grey Pu-Erh – Clarify, Hail Merry Macaroons – Blonde, Megafaun, Lacoste cologne video installation in Grand Central, the alligator and Izod, the human lifespan, rock and roll, Nightweek, my reaction to “CHADCAST – 170415” on the issue of conspiracy theories, information sources, the pursuit of truth and knowledge, gods, Alabama shell dream, protesting, The Playboy Club, cosplay, Straight to Hell Returns (2010), Repo Man (1984), The Borrower Arrietty (2010), the Japanese language, subtitles, video sites, Bleach Movie 4 – The Hell Verse (2010), Cinnabon, shield pennies, Black & Mild Wood Tip Royale, The X Factor, Oaxaca, unrealistic goals, hand costume, R.E.M. breakup, blue milk, Full Tilt Poker, Chinese food festival in Times Square, phone problems, collectible, Playmobil Figures, bitter disappointment, and the Nightweek concept. F1748

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