2:52:57 – Used to get coffee at the Mercantile Exchange, vision of a train journey, the new season, symbolic greeting cards, other timelines, World Financial Center, joyless coffee workers, The Dark Tower, The Freedom Tower, spentgags, subconscious waterfalls, the morning trip, ferry, beverage review (Jamba Juice Energy Drink – Blueberry Pomegranate), garbage cans, annoyed with Spotify, the sunshine state, found a new Japanese market (Sunrise Market on 41st St.), miso, ume paste, the world is insane and makes no sense, spider web, hot water, shattered coffee, smelly garbage trucks, The Exit Ramp – KWHY Channel 22 – SelecTV – “Promo & Sign-Off” (1982?) (FuzzyMemories.TV), Overthrow by Phantasma (Jamendo.com), Reagan Testimony in Poindexter Trial, Part 1 (February 16, 1990) (Archive.org), Virginia Slims San Diego (April 22, 1985) (Archive.org), Baby Punk by Piedra (Jamendo.com), The Iran-Contra Affair, insanity in cartoon characters and retailers, Dark Tower (Milton-Bradley game), constant reconstruction, area code 813 in Florida, area code 814 in Pennsylvania, Cape Canaveral, Idlewild Airport, another dark tower, health lunch, raw cashew herb nori crackers, kombucha disappointment, beverage review (Mango Coconut KeVita), new DC Universe, Oceana place again, glowing chairs, went to MoMA, Talk to Me, the United Architects concept for the new World Trade Center, I got in Fox News in the background, fantasy interview, synthesizer disappointment, John F. Kennedy, Apollo hoax, Times Square scams and characters, Diversion, Beck, Nevermind, evil Mickey Mouse, and a fire hydrant is not a good for bagel storage. F1742

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