4:05:23 – Burgertime music, the physical body, the mystery of existence, data preservation, early Macintosh memories, Jamendo music (Funk For Ghang by Tevellus, ee-co_akustic-efects by Jee-co, Return of Mr Nylon by John Yorks, Dansing Galaxy (intro) by Alex Emanov, CityTV CityPulse Tonight intro July 1986 (YouTube), Art of Noise, the audio format, Laurie Anderson, Times Square, Phish, America’s Got Talent, Colbie Caillat, Coby, area code 809 in Dominican Republic, phone scams, The Caribbean, Cigarette TV Ads – Canadian Brands (Archive.org), Pacific Novelty arcade video game soundtracks – Shark (1980), Thief (1981), NATO Defense (1982), Spirit of the Buffalo by Indian in the machine (Soundclick.com), CityTV CityPulse Tonight November 6, 1987 (YouTube), phone problems, hookers, a minor nightmare, delete cache, Haribo Piratos salt licorice, ammonia update, Shelley Long, Cheers, WMAQ Channel 5 – Sorting It Out (1976) (FuzzyMemories.TV), Beautiful Unknown Chant by Tubular Tos (Soundclick.com), New York TV commercials & promos 1979 (YouTube), Waffelos Cereal (Commercial, 1980) (YouTube), The Money Store, Tom Carvel, Space: 1999, A BETTER WAY PROGRAM 161 (1979) (Archive.org), government videos, a new format, Mr. Driller, giant statue of a yellow teddy bear merged with a black table lamp, Lever House, Aron Knarf, Star Trek, art, developing a philosophy, kombucha, and going to a toy store.

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