Vast underground realm, new bus gate, a little crash, Gen 13, alarm, area code 805 in California, analysis of the 52 “#1” titles of the DC Comics reboot, yoga, Dhalsim, Fisher-Price, Batman for toddlers, Overnightscape Central, UFOs, January 2014, “freemium” games, downloadable content (DLC), Diablo III, selling game items for real cash, smelly garbage trucks, The Fixx, chemtrails, cults, the world is a fun madhouse, Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells, Vivian Stanshall, Alan Rickman, John Cleese, Sleepwear Bonfires, possible involvement of higher beings in pop music, Talking Heads, it could be a computer simulation, analog audio recording equipment, the band Garbage, mental beverage, soy pepper jack cheese and crackers, flax seeds, The Dark Tower rose location, Lubalin Graph, RJ Rockers, JJ Squawkers, Potbelly, NYC rock radio station RXP finished, Yuke’s Future Media Creators, raining in the late afternoon, hot sauce theory, America’s Got Talent, The Kinetic King, After Death hot sauce, and many theories.

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