1:18:09 – The annoying 3D trend, Nintendo lowers the price of their 3DS by $80, smartphone games, Virtual Boy, Alice in Wonderland, virtual reality, horses, Sega, area code 803 in South Carolina, South of the Border, fireworks, M-80s, possibility of going to South Carolina right now, Irn-Bru, new products, Obliviana Day, OsoaWeek, 1994, AOL, BBS, karate chop, septagon, Nightweek website, Nightweek ideas, night radio, the Google Street View car drives by, I’m gonna be on Street View!, new bus gate, total length of Star Trek, Nightweek logo, the former Hello Pasta, total length of Doctor Who, a new Staples, shopping entertainment, new album “Mohribold” by Andrew Taylor (seems to be inspired by the early works of Mike Oldfield), Duran Duran, raining, puppets, endings, beginnings, fake windows, the new Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel, South Somalia, The Oranges, strange commemorative coins, Bryant Park, EA, dancers, caltrops, cantrips, Concept Ships, Concept Robots, Concept Vehicles, Concept Tanks, Eataly, theory of The Upper City, morphogenetic fields, monkey network, Million Dollar Quartet, ABC Carpet, The Conran Shop, Paragon Sports, giant stores, Area X, and finding the underground bus gate.

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