45:00 – Sitting at the southern edge of Central Park in NYC, the beautiful scene, the night bench, Reactable, nice surprises, North Dakota quarter, got onto Spotify, Stereolab album “Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night”, bags of cans and bottles, Sherwood Schwartz dies at age 94, the cultural impact of Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch, the power of television, Apple Store under construction, area code 800 and 800 numbers, relevance of telephony, possible scammer, starting a cult, my old 800 numbers 1-800-THE-VOID and 1-800-OBLIVIANA, scams, Alitalia Airlines, Jim Donnelly, Techy2, MadPod, origins of podcasting, the history of The Overnightscape, Google+, Mercury Retrograde mistake, and ferns.

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