Monday, October 9, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: ((00:00)) Welcome to the new “Weekly Unlimited” format!, listener audio (“Tom Shad – birthday grteeting”), flyers in Grand Central Terminal, Lamborghini Gallardo, Led Zeppelin’s “Presence”, airport security, Applebee’s, Expo swag,, ((34:06)) the audio of “The Overnightscape Video Review #5” (vegetable review (“Salicornia (Sea Bean)” (from Melissa’s Premium produce), dream review (“A Road in the Woods”), room review (“Childhood Bedroom and Crawlspace”)), birthday party candy review with Frank’s family (“Helena Chocolatier ChocoTejas – Pecan, Chestnut, and Peanut”), Loft Parlaits, hammock, Grateful Dead, ((1:01:23)) “Birthday 1977” (audio from Frank’s 10th birthday paty on 10/2/77), Missile Attack, Star Wars, Audio Field Trip (“Frank and Denice walk from the Bridgewater Commons Mall to a new shopping area called ‘The Village'”), gazebo, flying creatures on the ground, Chipotle, Crate and Barrel, object review (“Stainless Steel and Silicone Muddler”), chargers, eating at Chipotel, spilling Pibb Xtra, a shooting star, gadget review (“Green iPod Nano 2nd Generation – 4GB”), a visit to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), finding the melting clocks in 1:31, Christina’s World, art installations, Mr. Sasha the Cat purring, ((2:11:14)) The Audio Field Trip (“Podcast Expo 2006 in Ontario, California” – Part 3) – palm trees, nachos at Denny’s, philosophical conversations, clock repair, hotel shuttle, return to the Ontario Mills Mall, the state of podcasting, hanging at the carport, giant grapes, Games Workshop, triple espresso, Black Market Minerals, dropping a didgeridoo, Sega Gameworks, Crazy Taxi, witch costumes, Speed Stacks (cup stacking game), Dave and Buster’s, Rain Forest Cafe, 90s nostalgia, robot alligator, beer review (“Anheuser World Lager”), sleeping 11 hours, dream review (“Red Alligator Suitcase”), updates, From the Forum (“Comments on the new Weekly Unlimited format”), bouncing off the walls, and dragees (the little semi-legal silver balls used as cake decorations). Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (189 minutes)


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