49:57 – Snack review (“Little Lad’s Herbal BBQ Popcorn”), beverage review (“Palo Mamajuana”), beautiful morning, giant head and hands, Android games, DC Comics restarting all their comics at #1 and adding same-day digital distribution, direct market distribution, digital distribution, Apple censorship, video game emulation, Google removes some emulators from the Android Market, Nintendo 64, beautiful day, had more mamajuana, discontinued candies, Dynamints, Wacky Packages, PB Max, Train Crap & Blood, Pine Brothers Cough Drops, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Coke Blak, Delfa Roll, candy review (“Gerrit’s Broadway Strawberry Rolls”), podcasting lull, the old radio model, Chanel, new idea to focus more on the listening experience, lack of direction, animal heads, and go to toy store.

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