Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Theocracy, wanderlust, anti-inflammatories, pigs in a blanket, Hell’s Kitchen, winning The Space Gamer auction, protesters march past the loading dock, Motley Crue “Ambassadors of Rock” concert at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, Anish Kapoor’s “Sky Mirror” sculpture at Rockfeller Center, listener email (“Joshua from Sacramento, California”), candy review (“Hershey’s Premium Baking Bar – Unsweetened Natural Baking Chocolate”), beverage review (“CHERRish – Tart Cherry”), The Chris Farley Foundation, Bush addresses the UN, Auntie Anne’s, Flaming Torch, protest flyer, Ninth Avenue, and the continuing mystery of the almost empty box. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (30 minutes)


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