3:43:13 – Frank in New Jersey, plus the Other Side. Topics include: The phantom cigarettes, another Texas, Gurkha, “Danger, he’s been told to expect it.”, Flea Devil developments, Better Call Saul, Tuthill Road, Winds of Change, a new hope for Carob Rush, chipmunk update, Boga Cidre, fermented black carrot juice, airport fight, time lapse photography, The Onsug Preview Channel, kava seltzer, Outrun 2006, Old Capital Jam, The Overnightscape 1273: Old Capital (3/31/16), sci-fi paperback “Jewels of Elsewhen” by Ted White, The Overnightscape 1160: Spice Toasting
Incident (3/5/15), the next day, the Corr’s Carob Rush ad… finally!, Loot (1970), Prick Up Your Ears (1987), The Ace of Wands (TV series), Marvel Snap, supermarket checkout lanes, gambling, Julius Variant, guns, psychic combat, and much more… plus the Other Side (at 3:02:09)… De Somnambulismo by Vitalis Popoff [FreeMusicArchive, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0], Shanty VI by Lay Brethren [Archive.org, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0], The Amazing Apes [YouTube], Future Promotions [via Webm8 productions], Virtuality [YouTube], Nawal’s Song by Roy Smiles [Jamendo, CC BY-SA 3.0], Cartrivision [YouTube], Apparition by Doug Rice [Jamendo, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0], Magnavox – “Computer Color” (Commercial, 1979) [FuzzyMemories.TV], The Games of Starcade – Crystal Castles [YouTube], EMPIRE PICTURES COMMERCIAL [Archive.org, public domain], The Galaxy Club, Belvue, WA [Archive.org], Dominick’s Finer Foods with Elaine Mulqueen (Commercial #3, 1973) [FuzzyMemories.TV], AngloZulu by Kevin MacLeod [incompetech.com, CC BY 3.0], Jocks (1986) (Trailer) [YouTube], Durango-Silverton RR Dec 01 by BoilingSand [Freesound.org, CC BY 3.0], Diner City Revival by Tree Bag Ask [Onsug, CC BY 4.0].

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