2:36:00 – Frank in New Jersey and NYC, plus the Other Side. Topics include: Telepresence, going to work in NYC, noise pollution, Woodsy Owl, detour, celebrity liquor, astral travel, Times Square, old bus stop and comic shop, Simple, Contact, ramen, depressing seating areas, Grand Central, Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser, commercial interior design, Rock & Rule (1983), Fred Allen, burrito, Jugband Nonsense Baranook, the fabric of reality, and much more… plus the Other Side (at 1:55:30)… The Outcast by The Golden Dawn [Jamendo, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0], Sea Window by Brady Arnold [Archive.org, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0], ABC Network – The Flintstones – “Fred’s Flying Lesson” (Promo, 1965) [FuzzyMemories.TV], Intro… / Mutant Dance Craze by Partners In Wonder [collection], Film logos of the 1970s – 1980s Part 5 [YouTube], Gentlemen Without Weapons Interview [YouTube], Stereophonic Motor Club by Juanitos [Jamendo, CC BY 3.0], The Making of Rock & Rule (excerpt) [YouTube], The Rococo Tape by The Paparazzi [FreeMusicArchive, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0], The Games of Starcade – Congo Bongo [YouTube], Mall 2006 [Onsug, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0].

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