2:32:03 – Frank in NJ and NYC, plus the Other Side. Topics include: Volcano repair, petrichor, ampules, shoegaze, amalgam, listener email (Randy from California), Rupert Sheldrake and Morphic Fields, vague celebrity sightings, Aphex Twin, Star Wars, Boba Fett rumors, The Rise of Skywalker, microfilm situation, Laserworld, Trees, Canoes, Mushrooms, Pentwater, taxes, 1980, Don Ho, HP Tango printer, “Pinball, 1973”, 209, is the world a video game, Hallmark, and much more… plus the Other Side (at 1:51:02)… Agent Astro by Scanglobe [FreeMusicArchive, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0], WFLD Channel 32 – Keyfax Nite-Owl Service – Promos (1981) [FuzzyMemories.TV], Billy Crystal Interview on Howard Stern [collection], Save The Pizza Barn – Part 01 by Kurt Weller [Plaza Of The Mind, Archive.org], The Living Seas – Fish Info [collection], SPOT9 [collection], The Hat Song by Lizard Music [collection].

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