The Overnightscape #758 (Thursday, November 20, 2008 / 1:17:00 / 70.6 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Joy, anger, helplessness, listener emails, area code 758 in Saint Lucia, The Overnightcase Rescue Mission 2 video with Roel from The Netherlands and Manny the Mailman, the post-9/11 world, trying to get the ‘Case back from Lauren from Pittsburgh / toolgirl150, vampire videos, Vampire Ball, alien shirt, wedding in Kentucky, beverage review (“Ale-8-One” from Kentucky), alternate timeline Ramplers from Kentucky, tapping into the Internet of another reality, fell asleep while watching TV, confused, Optima, Steven from Canada, Ale-8-One videos, regional things, Schweppes, towelkets, Japanese book “Universe For Rent”, Books Kinokuniya, discounts, dollar vs. euro, stock market crash, soft succor of summer slumber, Muji, services of The Overnightscape Broadcasting System, TV pilot “Nobody’s Watching”, vague memories from 2006, show length, listener email (Kai from China – a post on a Chinese message board about how The Overnightscape is a good resource to help learn English), the failure of artificial intelligence, Federal Reserve, global warming, show art, listener email (John Bradley from New Mexico – ONS VS. RRPD – how he got in trouble with the police because of The Overnightscape), subwoofers, show length, Andy Kaufman Lives, Mr. Sasha the Cat, Yukon solitaire, candy, happy, sample preview romance novel “Christmas With Daddy”, Frank’s wife Denice, and winning money at bowling. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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