The Overnightscape #740 (Tuesday, September 16, 2008 / 2:31:00 / 138 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: An Interview With (a man who claims to be) Andy Kaufman, area code 740 in Ohio, recap of the interview situation, ran out of coffee, screwed up the recording, voiceover artist Ken Scott at, That Girl, Marlo Thomas, a visit to Whole Foods, ostrich eggs, The Oranges, a 20% chance, expensive shopping, Allegro Coffee – Sumatra Blue Batak, snack review (Go Raw “Simple” Flax Snax – New Bite Size Version), tomato powder, our economy is collapsing, AN INTERVIEW WITH ANDY KAUFMAN, voice modulator,, Stephen D. Maddox, package, personal check, career overview, children’s entertainer, Mighty Mouse, Dick Van Dyke, the first episode of Saturday Night Live, Taxi, has-beens and careers that crumble, money and fame, wrestling women, the stage doesn’t end at the end of the stage, Fridays, Jack Burns, Melanie Chartoff, Michael Richards, Weird Al Yankovic’s “UHF”, John Lennon, the origins of the idea of faking his death, Elvis, hoaxer Alan Abel, jerky, the supposed death in May 1984, how “Elvis” faked his death, “The Song That Never Ends”, getting recognized, phone call, money, new identity, “The Running Man”, travel, apartments, the character “Claire”, blood clot in leg, Video Toaster, “Photo Claire”, working at Walt Disney World, public access television, the new generation, books, getting involved in stuff on the Internet, history of the websites, Geocities, 20 year anniversary of the death, Enrique, different characters, getting onto Twitter, Retarded Policeman, testing the waters, @TheAndyKaufman, YouTube, the future of video, Commodore 64, conspiracy theories, hurting people’s feelings, the quality of the answers on Twitter, cave paintings, preserving digital media, FastBoards,, fragments, cartoons, The Rampler, people who want proof, discovery process, the future, watching cartoons all day, adult life, keeping your freedom, Ron Paul, the presidential campaign, the Santa campaign, Scavenger Hunt, “Bubba Ho-Tep”, “Man On The Moon”, Laurie Anderson, The Muppets, “The Tony Clifton Story”, The Carnival Video with Troy, the information trail, health, transcendental meditation, the 25th anniversary, Santa/Elvis hybrid, meeting new people, The Allusion Forum (, another forum, people listening in the future, END OF INTERVIEW, see it was real, and a Flax Snax update. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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