The Overnightscape #702 (Monday, May 26, 2008 / 58:00 / 26.6 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Switching from pasta with butter to tofu and beans, the 700 era, Pyrex bowl, can openers, oatmeal, tin foil, pop tops, metric system, “After Death” hot sauce, capsaicin, “Frank’s Xtra Hot”, seltzer water, water filters, mental block, cursing, Consumer Reports, Sears and “Kenmore”, Target and “Archer Farms”, Costco and “Kirkland”, welding, HerbaGreen Tea, logos, show art, audio comments (Dave from England (Mr. Bunny), Peter from PodGlo, CB from Chicago, Larry from Australia), dialers, “1-900 number” ads from 1990, Night Flight, The Joker’s Wild, drunk driving, Mr. Jesse the Cat, Firefox, beverage review (“Dutch Coke” (or is it “Luxembourgian Coke”?)), Benelux, NASA samples in psy-trance electronica, Phoenix Mars Lander, Apollo moon landing hoax, New Jersey, the end of paper show notes, Walt Disney animation cels, disorganization, gambling, Las Vegas, and roller coaster videos. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora ( RSS Feed:

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