The Overnightscape #698 (Saturday, May 3, 2008 / 2:56:00 / 80.7 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Coconut molecules, the completion of The Overnightscape Underground – Day Two, episode 700 coming soon, dream review (“Combinatory Angel / Banker / Westmind”), candy review (“Snickers Adventure Bar (Adventures of Indiana Jones)”), Snickers Charged, the new Indiana Jones movie, a visit to PodCamp NYC 2.0 in Brooklyn, big black garbage truck, jacket decision, robot T-shirt, podcasting events are bittersweet, accomplishments in podcasting, arrival in Brooklyn, bagel breakfast, personal space invaded by guy from other bakery, Brooklyn Polytechnic, big red triangle, shoelace problem, blossoms, stained glass dumpster, Allen and Jefferson from Otaku Generation, PodGlo, audio comment system, Pringles and water, blowing a teacher’s mind at lunch, microwave pancakes, cracking fingers and toes, weird alligator sculpture, realistic dog statue, remembering a mall, bottles in the trees, using your freedom, 209, big shots, back at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, raffle, going to Books Kinokuniya with Jefferson, subway difficulties, expensive Japanese book “Universe For Rent”, idea of a little book you can carry around, weird video storefont ad, getting “Demon In The Dark” soap at Lush, the band “Lush”, Miki Berenyi, Treo 680 battery problems, Penn Station, Krispy Kreme, remembering “Zoop” setup, bus gates, little seats, bass rumbling of bus engine, people are confused, eBay, Kindle, dream review (“The Place in the Cliff”), chilly outdoor party, police vehicle, alien supermarket, bikers, natural light, deadbolts, weird book with compartments, time travel brochures, alternate realities, the nature of dreams, dream update, Frank’s brother’s description of upcoming visit to island is strangely similar to the dream, a symbol in the higher universe, a cosmic view of reality, dream review (“The Re-Release of a Classic Rock Album” / “Dumpster”), The Beach Boys “SMiLE” bootlegs, Brian Wilson went insane, NYC audio, Lexington Ave. and 48th St., Radisson, Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, in a funk over quantum crytpography and holography, human consciousness, the nature of the universe, the nature of light, a change in the weather, crappy umbrella, flaws, the tunnels of Grand Central, maya, is the world real?, Rockefeller Center, 30 Rock, mural of human achievement, J. Crew, long line for free cone day, Mini Fusilli, remembering waiting on line for ice cream in Warren, NJ, Pheasant Run, video games at Drug Fair, Bantam, Tente, Beublin A. Richardson, concourse level, Fox News, dust, checking out some keyboards, repetetive preaching, the homeless guy with the two signs, girl pretending to be homeless in Utah, show notes, ONSUG ideas, exporting audio out of this level of reality, a loose manhole, live theater, Hello Kitty is an evil cactus, the Hello Kitty Darth Vader costume, taking it easy, creativity, Coke can flitting, steamstack, building a building, Meadowlands Xanadu, a raunchy-sounding siren, how does this recording fit in, what is the real NYC like, rest room, chocolate store coming “soon”, getting a monthly bus pass, month length mnemonic device, favorite ticket line, vitamins, another day in NYC, finished up ONSUG Day 2, “Treasure Hunt” TV game show from 1958, “The New Treasure Hunt” in the 70s, living multiple incarnations at once, Deal Or No Deals, pirate girls, pompous car dealership, the history of video game arcades in Times Square (old days: Playland (Strike Force, Plotting, the famous coat Grasshopper cookies, sleazy, fake IDs), Broadway Arcade (intern at MTV, Assault, Qix), original “new” Times Square era: Laser Park (giant robot battles, laser tag, bachelor party, Ha! Comedy Club), Broadway City Arcade, XS, Bar Code (Charmin Restrooms, Pedigree Dog thing), currently in Times Square: ESPN Zone (Rapid River), Dave & Buster’s (42nd Street Food Court, redemption games, coin fall games, Deal Or No Deal, Let’s Go Jungle!, Haunted Hotel, tickets and prizes, Slam-A-Winner), Leisure Time Bowl arcade (under renovation)), Diamond Row, motion theater, Planet Hollywood (formerly All-Star Cafe), the gambling edge, pyrrhic victory, clues to the date of the game show, historical weather, The Thin Man, phone call, tofu, and the monkey thing. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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