The Overnightscape #697 (Saturday, April 19, 2008 / 2:05:00 / 57.3 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: A journey in Midtown Manhattan staring at 48th and Lex, cigar smoking on the street, Caswell-Massey soaps, oakmoss, a beautiful day in NYC, coffee stains, big shots, The Overnightscape Underground – Day 2, Buzz Aldrin, Little Frankie Nora, Bicentennial Cane, wackjob on bus, The Ramones “53rd and 3rd”, Citigroup Center, police vans, The Pope is coming tomorrow to speak at the United Nations, David Blaine, the character “Benedict” from Roger Zelazny’s “Amber” series of sci-fi books, compass rose, cool curved building (“135 East Fifty-Seventh Street”), The Pattern, a sculpture on Park Ave. (“Love Wall” by Robert Indiana), Severe Repair, fancy stores, the middle class, Nokia store, mushrooms, Bergdorf Goodman, FAO Schwarz, toy soldier guy, Apple Store, iPod Touch, The Overnightscape on Apple TV, bathroom, toe, The Gates, horses, show production, entering Central Park, pond, stone bridge, giant rocks, to time travel to Manhattan before people got there, contrails reflecting the setting sun, failed episodes, failed experiments, hung up on 209, The Porch Trilogy, birds, the show way of talking, the “Central Park Jogger” incident, an ancient time when people could talk to animals, obsessed with symbols and letters, the world could be a computer simulation, Grand Theft Auto IV, “Pinball Hall of Fame – The Williams Collection” for PS2, the early 90s “virtual reality” craze, Jaron Lanier, “Virtuality” arcades, “Dactyl Nightmare”, 9/11 truth march, Columbus Circle, words and things, Time Warner Center, panic attack in 2004, giant weird statues, snobbish restaurants, sculptures, Masa, Per Se, Samsung Experience, bathroom, 80 inch plasma TV, Cartoon Network Store, phone call, Borders, Playaway, Utah and Nevermind, Eternity II, doing the thing in the sci-fi section, checking out books, the design section, Norman Rockwell, surf graphics, Kate Nash, KT Tunstall, unable to remember pop star names, Lion King props, magazine store, perfect price prediction, CompUSA, psychic projection, the old headquarters of MTV, the “Tears For Fears” mental block, beverage review (“Mash – Lemon Peel & Ginger Root”), Beublin quote, crappy bank logo, M*A*S*H, Times Square at night, remembering Lily Allen, Late Show With David Letterman, NyQuil, “Rehab”, looking up Amy Winehouse, guy with snake and parrot, Hershey Store, a spiral staircase that you can’t walk up, candy review (“Good & Fruity”), EPCOT song “Makin’ Memories”, the story of “The Zen Coffee Disaster”, hash browns, The Glenlivet City Links, defunct juice bar, missing the bus, busted sign, and feeling cool eating a sandwich on the corner. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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