The Overnightscape #696 (Tuesday, April 8, 2008 / 3:22:00 / 92.6 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The spilling of a bourbon, place is a mess, audio problems, the spilling center, channel strip (preamp, compressor, EQ), RIP (raster image processor), jargon, seltzer incident at work, spilled water on mixer, old calendar, Frank’s science fiction story “Severe Repair”, novel format, interdimensional travel, sex, audiobook, “Severe Repair: The Broken Text”, notes for the continuation of “The Cartersash Story”, superhero “Sleetgosm”, drugged by a magical cylinder, Kinokuniya, Japanese collectible toy review (Re-Ment “Kusuri no Petit Drug Store”, “Mononofu” (weapons)), tooth character and little demononic characters, toothbrushes, toothpaste, major synchronicity (“Teal Easy Dental Floss” – toy version and cleanup mission), the sword “Durandal”, hit tooth with microphone, Grayswandir ans Werewindle, The Overnightscape Underground, Overnightscape Mission (“Teal Easy Dental Floss Cleanup”), things that drive you crazy in a slow fashion, a zip tie in Iselin, teal trash, jackdaws, coaxial cable, tile sample, The Twilight Zone, disposal, the 8th dental floss, dental theory, a garrotte for your teeth, FTP video uploading, compressor, granola bars, showtunes, sitcoms, Tom Baker, TV review (Doctor Who (“Partners in Crime”), Torchwood (“Exit Wounds”)), Broadway musical review (“Curtains”), Al Hirschfeld Theater, Playbill, the musical theater subculture, the urge to perform, meta, self-reference, the Boston accept, psychedelic saloon, Avenue Q, “all the world’s a stage”, Slapstick Reality Actors, beverage review (“Caribou Coffee – Iced Coffee Plus Espresso”, “Caribou Coffee – Iced Coffee Vanilla – Coffee Drink With A Splash Of Milk”), a dream of black coffee, The Pixies song “Caribou”, Black Francis, Frank Black, Kim Deal, The Breeders, Coke are idiots, Coke Blak, the New Coke debacle of 1985, vanilla pudding overtone taste, natural flavors, Twinkies, beef fat, Friz Quadrata, Devil Dogs, Drakes by Hostess, glycerin denial, hog fat in glycerin in old Coke, awful website (, “Severe Repair: The Broken Text” is released, risque stuff, notes, motivation, The Overnightscape Underground update, music review (“Music Of The Spheres” by Mike Oldfield), Tubular Bells, Amarok, chanting, crying, Hayley Westenra, being old, Lang Lang, psychedelic flashlight (“Rave’n 2” by Technology Associates), listener 5th anniversary audio (“Ranger Craig on The Rock”, “Neal from Ireland (from”), controversies, obscure audio, doing show notes on the toilet, from the forum (“JimSlim” – Severe Repair audiobook), the theoretical discovery of the worst movie double feature possible (“The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift” and “Newsies”),, Linux laptop, screws, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Gnome, Linux culture, Linux complications, Mac vs. PC, Nethack, “Adventure” on Atari VCS, Telnet MUDs, Second Life, Inkscape, Photoshop, Ilustrator, DosBox, abandonware, textmode games, old PC games (“Rockstar” by Wizard Games, “Eight Ball Deluxe” by Amtex), playing pinball in Scotland, dream review (“Creating Dr Pepper”, “Indoor Replica of Chartres Walkways”, “Statue of Liberty Convention / Flea Market”, “ABM Graffiti”), raised boatways, Mr. Sasha the Cat, Xanadu indoor ski slope, Spaceship Earth, Horizons, dollar coins, obscure 1978 construction toy spaceship, noises, shapes on the kitchen wall, recording an Inramble video, sounds from upstairs, Mr. Jesse the Cat, Inventionland, cool indoor artificial river, gazebo, love of artificial worlds, talk radio ads, people thinking they can invent things, fatalistic attitude, a million dollars, scamming people, listener email (“Craig from New Jersey” – card request), cartoons, Radio Reruns, Howard Stern, the new business cards, the new logo, Obliviana logo, old Obliviana websites, remembering “Tente” (Spanish Lego-like system), attempting to translate Spanish, Bantam in Watchung, Pomp (formerly of “Hate The Radio”) records his therapy sessions and puts them online at, plans that fall apart, delayed Christmas present (“King of Fighters 2006” for PS2), an FYE closes, and turning the difficulty all the way down to unlock stuff. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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