The Overnightscape #688 (Thursday, March 6, 2008 / 2:03:00 / 56.5 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Going on a “Rail Adventure” today, going down some strange streets, what will happen in five hours after riding on four different trains, secret pathway, a hill overlooking another street, the adventure plan, train tickets, highway in the distance, Ninja Drive, a snowman, PATH train system changing, heavy traffic, changing the batteries, feather on my shoe, black clothes, pants ripping apart, walking in mud, travelling light, convenience store, lip balm, jumping over a snowbank, menacing stormcoulds in the distance, scaredogs in the cemetary, Disney theme park MP3s, Frank calls his brother John, Immodium boxes, unexpected person, vague memories, Bawls Buzz mints, confusion of streets, big wind chimes, pub, Delawanna Station, ITC Benguiat, headlines, ticket decision, business card, train shelter, bicycle story, diarrhea, tangled audio tape in the chain link fence and weeds, train arrives, snow, drunken and loud crowd of people on train, “Mark Twain Riverboat” from Disneyland Paris, Force Ten, Hoboken PATH station, heading over to the Light Rail system, horrible ticket machines, waiting on the train, hazy sunshine, a train dressed up as a boat, remembering to validate the ticket, arriving at the Newport Centre Mall, massage chairs, whisky, remembering commuting thru the mall, a couple hours of mall, Spencer Gifts, wandering around Sears, Helio brochure, Frank’s wife used to work at this mall, wandering around mall, remembering a difficult mall memory, movie urination plan, remembering “Mall Day”, video games in movie theater, model of Wall-E, reliving the glory days of my youth going to malls and wandering around by myself, Segway, wandering around mall is like staring at a candle flame while meditating, getting espresso for $2.09 at Gloria Jean’s Coffee Bean, good useless crap, shopping for Beta VCRs, fun stores, vague memory of “Myachi”, cursing blind guy, the next generation crying in strollers, almost bought Vintage Clue Miss Scarlet car, favorite mall food – sushi and french fries, the FAO Schwarz plan, a good seat overlooking the mall, inari, a dream lunch in a dream place, pissing on a bottle of cognac, the bathroom is a disaster, Pokemon marbles, Pop-Tarts, tofu and beans, heading over to the PATH station, remembering parking deck, walking into my past, Pavonia history sign, winter cabbages, enter PATH with MetroCard, long tunnels with murals of sea creatures, bike gang, waiting for the PATH, arrival at 33rd St. In NYC, more drunk people, gum offer, Big League Chew, animated tunnel ad, Prudential Center, slight detour to toy store, heading into the subway, N train, beret guy, nighttime 59th St., horse manure, Cloverfield, cool things to carry around, Apple, arriving at FAO Schwarz, review of the 4 trains, toy soldier guy, polar bear, dragon, the famous piano, finding and buying a “Myachi” (hand hacky sack type thing), “Smurf Death”, more creatures, heading down 5th Ave. to museum, Trump Tower, arrival at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) movie theater entrance, checking out the Myachi (“Lemon Head” color), movie review with Frank’s brother John (“To My Great Chagrin: The Unbelievable Story of Brother Theodore”), later on in Times Square, redemption games, killing time at Virgin Megastore and Toys R Us, Xbox 360 driving game, new semi-secret project, zipping up, thoughts about success, show length estimate, and the sounds of NYC. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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