2:07:02 – Frank in NYC, plus the Other Side. Topics include: Newsstand remodeling, the big question rarely asked – how does a package of perceptions get delivered to a consciousness?, subway, smart cookies, Grand Central, Apple Watch, Hearthstone on phones, baked falafel, Candy Crush Soda, sushi and potato chips for breakfast, Lee Grant, Lee Remick, Lee Meriwether, perfect afternoon, desire, magic chair, shows, heaven, Avril Lavigne, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, sculpture, The Strand, commercial interiors books from the 60s and 70s, espresso can incident, Whitney museum’s new downtown location, Palmolive, and much more… plus the Other Side (at 1:37:12)… Out from the dark by Tubular Tos [Soundclick, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0], NBC Pine Canyon is Burning promo 1977 [YouTube], Theme from Captain Unique and the Omnipotents by Lee Rosevere [FreeMusicArchive, CC BY-NC-SA 2.5], The Fonz Pinball (Commercial, 1977) [FuzzyMemories.TV], Logos by Mario Tomic [Archive.org, CC BY-NC-SA 3.0], Nightstation – Sarsaparilla (excerpt – Pinball Corner – Truck Stop) [Onsug, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0], Ameritech (Commercial, 1984) [FuzzyMemories.TV], Dancing on the Wall by Joseph Peters [Archive.org, CC BY-NC-SA 2.5].

License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/). Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora – more info at TheOvernightscape.com