The Overnightscape #682 (Friday, February 8, 2008 / 2:04:00 / 56.9 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The stomach flu, Groundhog Day, Fort Worth, Texas, an ad in Entertainment Weekly, giant ancient desert artwork, Xevious, Adobe Wood Type – Mesquite, beverage review (“Miller Chill”), Super Bowl, New York Giants, New Jersey, Frank gets the “stomach flu”,, toasted pine nut couscous, olive oil, bourbon, arguing with people on Twitter about Ron Paul, Air Force One, Ronald Reagan imitations, scumbags, secret societies, Federal Reserve, banking, the movie “The Money Masters”, the Ron Paul phenomenon, Michael Badnarik videos about The Constitution, spiritual journey,, the story of the stomach flu, nausea, chills, semi-delirious state, throwing up, viruses, sleeping the whole day, fever dreams, blank slate, matzoh, Encyclopedia Britannica, before the Internet, TV review (“Lost”), torrential downpour, mental haze, looking sick in videos, immunity, pasta with hot sauce, movie review (“Smokey and The Bandit” (1977)), Star Wars, escapist fantasy, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, the CB radio craze, “Night Music” air freshener discontinued, Icebreakers Pacs candy discontinued, buying an original 1978 pack of Cherry “Space Dust” on eBay, Dynamints, Candy Dandy puzzle, Lipton “Giggle Noodle” Chicken Soup, “inramble” Google hits, blog comments (Rob Safuto – Inramble”), New York Minute Show, NYC Pod Squad, TubeMogul,, NYC Video 2.0 meetup at Webster Hall, video people, not working too great for me, 9/11 truth and the “no planes” theory, Mos Def on Real Time with Bill Maher, Apollo moon mission hoaxes, Montel Williams, the obsession with celebrity news, InStyle Magazine, the Mercury Retrograde walnut thing, headphone shopping, unrealistic grand schemes, looking back, “Stuff I Sold on eBay in 2003” (zip file of 530 pics), preservability, on edge of a sneeze, 2XL, Atari cartridges, Pepsi Kona, weird Japanese floppy discs, 1 TB hard drive, Weird Paul, Facebook, with Byron Allen, Real People, That’s Incredible, vintage Lego websites, “Malls of America” guy still missing, asteroid “TU24” almost hit the Earth, smirking creep, random CD cover thing, WDW map, “Shining Stars” dolls, “name a star”, and the Lakota Nation secedes from the USA? Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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