The Overnightscape #667 (Wednesday, November 28, 2007 / 3:08:00 / 86.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Oatmeal in Atlantis, Maryland overlay, The Overnightscape Support Mailing List, big announcement – the “secret project” is… The Overnightscape Underground, a brief overview, Weekend Showcase, Mr. Sasha the Cat, Station Unlimited, animating force, “virtual radio broadcast”, meowing, NYC audio (“Charmin Restrooms Holiday 2007 in Times Square”), long-gone Bar Code arcade, pom-poms, toilet paper, the robot dance, the death Mr. Whipple, Puffs Plus with the Scent of Vicks, menthol, smelling a tissue in the middle of 8th Avenue, episode 666, vague music, connecting “The Christmas Song” to Green Brook, NJ toy store “Tiny Tots” that Frank went to as a child, Ricky Nelson, TV show “Connections” with James Burke, the original Mattel Electronics handheld games, Jean Shepherd, Route 22, Toys ‘R’ Us, Fisher-Price, Duplo, Plaza expansion, Google Maps, Leaning Tower of Pizza, Flagship, making oatmeal in the past, basic food concepts, the Atlantean cuisine, continents crashing together, vegetarians, time travel for the fun of it, hot sauce, farewell Fun n’ Games arcade at Willowbrook Mall, VHS to DVD, faked out with the SD card situation, reading the instructions, VLC, Miro, video tape (Duran Duran “As The Lights Go Down”, Monkees, Julian Lennon, early MTV, Alan Hunter, J. J. Jackson, a-ha, Revenge of the Nerds, Thompson Twins, Nina Blackwood, Hooters, Martha Quinn), DVD-R media grades, pen review (“Sharpie Retractable” (blue)), advertising works, Tori Amos, Listerine PocketPaks, soap review (“Bath & Bloom Natural Handmade Bamboo Charcoal Soap”), Future Sound of London, Frank’s wife Denice, stores asking for personal information, Radio Shack, black square, wishing well, Hot Dr. Pepper post on, Charter Oak, taking a shower, flecks, cool song on the radio (“The Low Spark of High Heel Boys” by Traffic), going deeper, cucumber buying guy, lemon codes, beverage review (“Hot Dr. Pepper”), Dr. Pepper’s 23 secret ingredients, denatured alcohol, Dr. Pepper from Texas made with cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, distances in Texas, bag review (“ChicoBag” (black)), plastic bag monster video, retired colors, environmentalism, global warming is a lie to help bring in a totalitarian new world order, turning the lights on, toy review (“Desert Toob (by Safari Ltd.)”), roadrunner, childhood armadillo collecting obsession, horned lizard, desert explorer guy, bobcat, cactus, scorpion, the idea of the “Jersey Desert”, Denice tries the Hot Dr. Pepper, ecology flag, lunch boxes, partial movie reviews (“Inside Man” (2006), “Pan’s Labyrinth” (2006)), Chipotle, TV shows (“Heroes”, “Journeyman”), time travel, junk on turntable, putting together the fake Christmas tree while watching “Fatboy Slim’s Big Beach Boutique II”, synchronicity report (“666th Forum Post”), secret project preview, Magnetic Golf Balls update, analysis of the lyrics of “Gasoline Gus”, Byron Gay and Charley Brown writing the song, Elvira, movie versions of “Gasoline Gus”, Amazon Kindle, RocketBook, new Poland Spring water bottle shape, companies pretending to care about about the environment, the evil ones, Frank creates a “Mystery Drink” (Dewar’s scotch, Canadian Club whiskey, Grand Marnier, Remy Martin cognac, Laphroaig scotch, Fruko Schulz absinthe), sliding down the rabbit hole, Abbott & Costello, the taste of old rotted candy, slamming it down, octopus Beanie Baby, “Ogu-Shio” phenomenon – Japanese Women’s Badminton Doubles Team, video game review (“Real Bout Fatal Fury” (SNK, 1995)), insert coin sound effect, Duck King vs. Bob Wilson, Sound Beach, kicking Bob Wilson’s ass, vague energy drink “Slap”, beverage guy Larry T., Brain Twist, Cinnabon drinks, Macy’s Great American Marching Band, and moving toward the world of success. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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