The Overnightscape #655 (Tuesday, November 6, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Cold and windy at Tudor City Greens, Health Nuts, sesame noodles, beverage review (“Synergy Strawberry Serenity Kombucha”), snack review (“Little Lad’s Herbal Corn”), Bill Clinton, candy review (“Dagoba Organic Chocolate – Lavender (dark chocolate, lavender, and blueberries)”), Yoda, bacteria, gravel, rules of the park, “shall”, interpreting rules, ramp, hybrid electric bus, 42nd Street, playground, iron gate, Ford Foundation indoor garden, Innovation Luggage, “The Royal Mall”, exhaust fan, and a Northfork Bank with a Starbucks. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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