The Overnightscape #611 (Friday, July 27, 2007 / 2:13:00 / 60.9 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Some concepts of soap, rhombus, a seething bowl of madness, repair service, N11 codes, white crap, last Harry Potter book released, OCD, White Barn Candle Company, mashed potato candle, fancy smells, the long-defunct Crabtree & Evelyn coconut shampoo used looking at a church on Houston Street, The Iselin Run, liquid soap review (Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap – “Exotic Coconut” and “Creamy Coconut”), cleansing beads, retro fragrance, animal testing, warning, car alarm, sensitive skin, cooking experiment (“Koyo Mushroom Ramen With Instant Miso Broth” and “Stop & Shop Insta-Mac Macaroni and Cheese Dinner” mixed together), old school “Microwavable” logo, heirloom wheat, TV review (premiere episode of “Mad Men” on AMC), promo clip, MadPlayer radio, coffee, Kristen Schaal, MySpace, John Slattery, “K Street”, bad video games (“Violence Fight” (with character “Lick Joe”), “The Legend of Success Joe”, “Solitary Fighter” (sequel to “Violence Fight”)), NYC audio, weird businessmen in elevator, line of police cars, annoying dictatorship, The Overnightscape nominated for a 2007 Podcast Award in the “General” category, menu with bad kerning, kerning in Illustrator, the fun of bitterness, White Stripes concert, Twitter, Treo 680, Meandering Mouse podcast nominated in Travel category, Rockefeller Center, Promenade, fountains, Librarie De France, rich people worshipping weird gods, 209th day of the year, the sounds of sweeping, touching an awards, police hat, controversial statue, underground in Rockefeller Center, Eastern Newsstand, old magazines, Top of the Rock, Saturday Night Live, Yummy Sushi, beverage review (“Pokka Aloe V with Pulp and Peach Juice”), reading subway signs, airline ad, new skyscraper, Fox News Studios, a kid whistling, the lunch disaster, Tudor City Greens, music stores, Universal Audio equipment, psychoacoustic phenomena, going to the bathroom at M&M’s World, Hershey’s Times Square, Reese’s Elvis Banana Creme Peanut Butter Cups, limited edition teddy bears, retail design, United Nations, Health Nuts, splattered and stained by Synergy Mystic Mango Kombucha drink, veggie chips that taste like model airplane glue, flute guys, “the end is near” crazy sign holders, The MTV Store, survival skills, The Center of the Universe, vegan prepared meals, instant sculpture, Ripley’s, Dave & Buster’s, the competition, foundation of Eleven Times Square, and the ambient sounds of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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