1:58:55 – Frank in NYC… Super Objects, doomsday, Winter Solstice, 48-hour day, timelines, bean soup incident, grits, Bryant Park, pasta counting, mass shootings and statistics, Grand Central, Dipsy Doodles, Roger Zelazny’s Amber series, youthful obsession with interdmensional travel, oatmeal, surprise party, Android game reviews – PathPix and Ingress, Bonic Basement, movie review – The Hobbit (2012), apocalyptic thoughts, cold remedies, lanterns, NetHack, rewards cards, overchargings, After Earth, “After Man” by Dougal Dixon, Times Square, Fringe, Peep Show, Boards of Canada, bike, the twee mustache trend, other annoying trends, and the end of the world. F1885

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