3:50:17 – Frank in The Overnightscape Studio in Northern New Jersey… a sprawling, nearly four-hour episode… topics include Tree Bag Ask, British Premier League Football, public domain music at freepd.com, Quark (TV show from 1978), synthesizer TV theme songs, other universes, the epic “I love L.A.” dream I had this morning, Magic Mountain, The Alan Parsons Project, Freudiana, You’re On Your Own, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, L’America, Hostess out of business, Twinkies, Big Wheels, Chocodiles, Visions of the Wild, Board of Canada, Gnostic theory of God, idea of a public domain radio station, ice cream truck music, Turkey the the Straw, racism, Johnny Carson and Don Rickles in 1976, movie review – The Comedy (2012), Harley-Davidson pinball, The Pinball Arcade, Gerry and The Pacemakers movie “Ferry Cross the Mersey”, solar eclipse, completely random memories, video game jungle levels, the book “After Man”, lost stores, Smoosh, Alice in Chains, Blake Babies, The Sundays, Age of Chance, past life in England, “what can a night of audio be”, Einstein, Port Authority Bus Terminal madness, Sphero Robotic Ball, the book “Full Metal Apache”, Rolling Stones documentary “Crossfire Hurricane”, New Speedway Boogie, recent shows on The Overnightscape Underground, and so much more. F1879

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