2:11:48 –  Heptagonning, Peter Potamus and So-So, ape incidents, wave of weirdness, cigar, Rockefeller Center, temporary buildings, rich and poor, Tony Hawk videogames, Burnout Paradise, Need For Speed World, Next Issue magazine app, comic book distribution, buying stuff online instead of in a store, object printers, horns, discovered a new shape, more heptagonning, Led Zeppelin album Presence, Pictures of Matchstick Men, Times Square, The Naked Indian, rampling, stores, Dhalsim, pole grease incident, Paul’s grandfather from A Hard Day’s Night, Sanford and Son, low level weirdness, metallic mimes, dowloading toys, Iron Man, some lost audio, Overnightscape Central, obscure things, green coffee, beverage review (Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher), search for the pole, 1001 days since the Radio Vacation, Edward Scissorhands, back and forth in Times Square, Ape, Keith Haring, “new adult concept” Tenga, smile hassles, immersed in a miasma of narcissistic joy, 1Q84, Groove Tube toy, Nutella heir death, Tetra Pak heiress death, enjoyability of an ultra rich lifestyle, Overnightscape Central synchronicities (graves, rubber bands for braces), receipt codes, synchronicity theory, monk, Funhouse pinball on my telephone, Bowcraft, technological change, Mr. Sneeze, crummy arcade, Marble Madness, Ouya, in the studio, weird bus ride home, Seize The Day – Living Worlds, If I Can Dream, meat, Big Brother, grease, F for Fake (1975), UFOs, Orson Welles on The Dick Cavett Show, the stuff of The Twentieth Century, visions of the future, analog electronic media, and preserving some ideals from the previous century here on The Overnightscape Underground. F1845

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