1:54:01 –  CQ (2001), conversation pits, divide and conquer, investigating virtual realtiy, a visit to OSgrid, awkward conversation, trivia, list of discontinued foods and beverages, The Overnightscape Handbook, Pepsi Blue, Crystal Pepsi, PB Max, Orbitz, Mountain Dew Pitch Black II, dn-L, Moonlight Tobacco Co., microbreweries, magazines on Google Books, Spy Magazine, 90ana, checking out the March 1996 issue of Spin Magazine, Fruitopia, Tori Amos, Plymouth sailboat logo, square corporate “weirdness”, coffee break music, San Francisco Bay – Rainforest Blend – alternative “K-Cups”, Bob Dole, Green Day, interpersona travel, Possum Dixon, Possum Kingdom, Christian Bale, disposable cameras, Children of the Bong, Red Dog Beer, drifting through the 90s, Boys For Pele, Kamel Reds, loci.com from 1997, corporate rebellious lifestyle brands, Revolution X, Ad Lib, Lithos, multimedia CD-ROMS, Pat Buchanan, Magic: The Gathering computer game, Red Peters, music retailers, Saga, Tortoise, Melting Hopefuls, Tom Waits, Beautiful Girls (1996), British early 90s dance scene, The Box, Beck “Loser” video, netpubs, subliminal messages, Moonlight Tobacco Co. ad, another music break, ramen noodles, classified ads, 1-800 numbers, time gimmick occult ad idea for time travellers, recordings from the 90s, The Overnightscape Underground archive, listening to this episode 20 years from now, and 2012-2015 – the time of massive change. F1843

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