2:19:43 – Complex beverage review (Aahmigo Greens), protesters, heat advisory, reflection of an octagonal building, Jeremy Irons, high finance, low audio, lethargic in a seating area, Chad, VR, virtual reality, rectangles, AR, augmented reality, skinning the world around you, brown birds, Second Life, Nika Dreamscape, Goreans, Cloud Party, unmotivated, virtual radio, mellow timeline, hipster graphics, Beware of the Blob, mockery, bullying, isolation, a dream of Turkey, the golden age of podcasting, jumping drawbridges in movies, the mystery of clouds, cosmic rays, new Volkswagen Beetle, sunglasses situation, America’s birthday, wormhole videos, the annunaki, sidekicks, Creative Commons music, tried out Cloud Party, bus is late, my new brown Oakley Jupiter Squared sunglasses, a better view of the world, a nerdy attraction, food trucks, lobster rolls, The Alan Parsons Project album Vulture Culture, Mr. Laser Beam, fashion, The Fixx, party piece, singing, Pitfall II, Playbills, the unknown gas station, America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, human aquarium idea, living statues, pollution, Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Ulysses the TV theme song singer, Sharpie, 5-Hour Energy, cement mixers, staying over at someone’s house, Krull (1983), Liam Neeson, Thor (2011), the soap opera effect, a radar triumph, weathered a storm at The Strand, bye basement bus boarding, Paper Mill Playhouse, Nutcracker Ballet, Bryant Park, parking lot chaos, Once on This Island, princess archetypes, a new Whole Foods, masculine products, yoga, Union Flea Market, lost on Vauxhall Road, The Lost Picture Show, The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985), Radio Days (1987), gas station old school crummy side restrooms, Connect 4, air hockey for 4, brain damage, the moon’s sodium tail, PinMAME, Dhalsim, Bryant Park movie list, The Pinball Arcade, “radio block”, Orson Welles Mercury Theatre, Google Knowledge Graph, Cyc, Jean Shepherd, hat trick, and dirty little tree. F1840

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