1:14:25 – Join host Frank Edward Nora on a pleasantly insane ramble on the streets of NYC. Frank explores a multitude of topics… pop culture, food, technology, the occult, and a whole lot more. Tonight’s topics include… Street musicians, fuel efficiency event in Bryant Park, The Transit of Venus, trying to find eclipse glasses, magazine store, Barnes & Noble, lions, hotel cafes, couch disposal, growing up, responsibilities, slack, robots and cameras, aspirations, The Graham Norton Show, colored clear plastic, The Overnightscape #66 (6/13/04), Superstar USA (2004), regaining portions of my mind, legalize it, loud dump truck, vague protests, genocide, reality, fuzz, racism, partly cloudy, missed the 2004 Transit of Venus, impacted wisdom teeth, Charlize Theron synchronicity, the Alien movies, Prometheus, Paul Reiser, Steve Coogan, accents, The Overnightscape #87 (10/24/04) name humor, postal table, The Voice UK, royalty, Royal Jubilee of a thousand boats, a simulation of the past, weird costumes, alarm, Almond Joy, orange juice samples, the bottled water craze, beverage review – “Kona Deep” water, fathoms, leagues, and the failure of the mass transit transit of Venus viewing. F1832

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