Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tonight’s subjects include: Two connected Dunkin Donuts, confused cashiers, midnight rose incense, a sundog over Manhattan, the mysterious magazine from Thailand in the Duane Reade drug store, winning a copy of the book “Promoting Your Podcast” by Jason Van Orden at the NYC Podcasting Meetup, Mega-T Green Tea Chewing Gum, Burger King BK Joe Turbo Coffee, snack review (“Snyder’s of Hanover Jalapeno Cheddar Pumpernickel Pretzel Sandwiches”, “Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Sandwich Snackers – Original Crackers with Peanut Butter Filling”), abandoning queues, magazines vs. Internet, and the Dan Dee “Animated Rat in Coffee Cup”. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora. (30 minutes)


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