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Video: For Joey


Chas and Teddy and searching for Joey… will they find him? Filmed in and around Madison, NJ circa 1988. Written and Directed by Frank Edward Nora (host of The Overnightscape podcast).

Starring Mad Mike, my brother John, me as the thug with the crowbar and baseball bat, and my friend from college Yasutoshi as Joey. The full version of this video has 5 or so more minutes in the beginning, which has a very different feel to the rest of the piece, so that’s why I cut it out. I actually wrote scripts to several more adventures of Chas and Teddy but I never filmed them. The audio of “For Joey” was heard on my old Internet radio station,

Video: Plus (student film, NYC rooftop 1987)

Short B&W silent student film, directed by Frank Edward Nora (host of The Overnightscape podcast) while at NYU Film School in 1987. Shot on a rooftop near the corner of Houston St. and Thompson St. in lower Manhattan, with a view of the World Trade Center. Starring Zachary Winston Snygg.

This was the first movie I made at NYU Film School. I filmed it on the roof of the building my apartment was in, probably around September-October 1987. Shot on 16mm.

Zachary Winston Snygg was in my film group, along with a guy named Ramon and the girl in the movie, Grace. Zack went on to become a director of various types of film, including softcore parody type movies (as discussed in The Overnightscape #409 (3/9/06)).

Video: The Overnightscape Video Review #1


Frank Edward Nora reviews a strange Taiwanese food product called “Golden Flower Tangerine Snack”. The Overnightscape (at is a daily half-hour podcast from New Jersey / New York City. This video was recorded during Episode 525 (8/18/06) – check it out for more of the review!

Video: Night Driving in NJ

This is the first video I posted to YouTube (on 8/17/06), as a test.


Night driving in Nutley, NJ – Dec. 11, 2005 

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