The Overnightscape #695 (4/3/08)


The Overnightscape #695 (Thursday, April 3, 2008 / 59:00 / 27.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Frank’s father, Frank Ralph Nora, returns to the show with stories from Svalbard “The Trek” and “The Sled Dogs of Spitsbergen”, rough year, Nanny’s ghost, the frightened plumber, a fascination with the Arctic and the Antarctic, cruise to the north, Longyearbyen, the excursion office waiting list, buying waterproof pants in Stavanger, the Norwegian krone, physical fitness test, the trek begins, girls with guns, polar bear attack stories, loading the weapons, desolate landscape, the negative Norwegian, crossing the stream, walking sticks, rubber boots, horrible parasites on the ground, walking on a glacier, starting to get tired, dropping out, the Svalbard cedar, snow, 24 hours of light, crossing the island in the depth of winter on snowmobiles in the darkness, going to see the dogs, little tents, reindeer droppings, University, avalanche, the sled dogs of Svalbard, strange statue, dogs chained to the ground, Thai people in Spitzbergen, pancakes in the hut, Mary Yakubik update, houses and properties, wrecked car, more on Svalbard, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, and seed conspiracy theories. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (


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The Overnightscape #694 (4/1/08)


The Overnightscape #694 (Tuesday, April 1, 2008 / 1:53:00 / 51.9 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of The Overnightscape with the first ever LIVE SHOW (in front of an audience), at the NYC Podcasting Meetup (on the exact 5 year mark – March 27, 2008)… Meetup founder Doug Kersten starts off the festivities, the Meetup members introduce themselves (Bob, Brazzie, Manny the Mailman, Bud the Mailman, Agatha, Sandy, Catherine, John (Frank’s brother), Ray, Clive, Ronald, Alex, and Louis), and then Doug introduces Frank… tonight’s topics include: Honking car alarm, MadPlayer, audio editing, hiss, the official start of the show, the mystery box, the semi-illegal candies, surprise handout, show stats, all episodes available online, Jean Shepherd, the monologue show format, what Frank looked like in early 2003, graph, The Overnightscape 4th Anniversary Checklist, talking to Bud the Mailman, schadenfreude, spilling water all over everything, Manny the Mailman explains “The Overnightcase”, the rescue of The Overnightcase, Twitter, telegraph operators, the dawn of telegraphy, the definition of podcasting, RSS feeds, Stevie Blue arrives and introduces himself, Tom Scharpling Show, David Lee Roth, Howard Stern, Stevie Blue sings, group candy review (“Icebreakers Pacs – Orange” – discontinued because parents complained it looked like drugs), Flintstones Vitamins, big files, listener greetings (“Carrie from Little Elm, Texas”, “Becky From South Carolina” (with synchronicity)), area codes, opening the box from Roel from The Netherlands (with “chemtrail” greeting card, and set of 3 bottles of Macallan single malt Scotch), group beverage review (“Macallan Elegancia – 12 Years Old”), some toasts, Dr. Pepper update, hot Dr. Pepper, doing the show in front of an audience, the unseen listener, getting into the groove, show notes, topics of the day, a space bus, Seinfeld, new urinal shields in the Port Authority Bus Terminal, weird old urinals, “squat downs”, urinal game, old time radio wrecked by television, Dragnet, online video eclipsing online audio, Frank’s video project “”, talking to Clive about his TV show “Alive With Clive”,, various video sites, Beublin A. Richardson, addictive audio, the power of talk, campfire storyteller, the “rise and fall” of podcasting, podcast advertising, dynamic ad insertion, Dailysonic, video ads, premium podcasting, micropodcasting, Meetup member sites, microphones, phones, audio equipment, Frank’s favorite episode (#561 – walking around a mall for 5 hours), drunken adventures, the checklists are scented with incense, the new $5 bill with the giant purple 5, euros, Photoshop currency copy protection, Jean Shepherd Archive, and the music at the end. Thanks to everyone for coming! And special thanks to Ariel for the use of her space for the Meetup! Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #693 (3/29/08)


The Overnightscape #693 (Saturday, March 29, 2008 / 1:39:00 / 45.5 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: A new Sunglass Hut in Times Square, trying on Oakley Monster Pup sunglasses, fake sunglasses on Canal Street, chemtrails and things in the air, dusk or twilight, the upcoming live show, portable studio test, satellite truck, Times Square haters, techniques for moving your business forward, stereo sound, clear bag, audio setup, Linux laptop, Audacity, hiss, Muji Flagship Store, New York Times Building, the old Bluffcosm portable studio, theatricality, Wyland whale mural, Sam Ash, ART Tube MP Studio V3, wooden wall dead end, the entrance behind the coffee place, automatic doors, coffee shop hassles, Men’s Journal, possible destruction of The Overnightscape Studio, bus terminal ad, American Idol, testing the setup in the studio, Thistle Dhu, drinking single malt Scotch right out of the bottle, Easter leftovers with hot sauce and cayenne pepper, testing the preamp, busted VU meter, vacuum tube voicing, Dr. Sarno method, the opening of boxes (“Roel’s box within the box – present for the 5th Anniversary”, “Chad’s box of soda from Texas”), spilled water on The Overnightscape mixer, revealing the new Overnightscape logo, packing peanuts, Episode 691 comments on the atheist issue, ABM Show archive, logo similarities, chatting with a former listener, Richard Dawkins is married to Lalla Ward (Romana II from Doctor Who), tube is warm, sodas from The Soda Gallery, “Dublin” Dr. Pepper (with cane sugar), the portable studio test recording (with Denice, Casey, and Jack), Happy Easter, “Chocolate Rain”, beverage review (“Limited Edition Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper”), soymilk, “hello kangaroos”, listeners in Australia, the sweet potato question, Long Island, Walt Disney World, World of Motion, walking around Disney World all depressed, new Raconteurs album, hot Dr. Pepper, old Dr. Pepper logo, understanding the meaning of Dr. Pepper, more soda from Texas (“Barq’s Root Beer”, “Abita Root Beer”, “Dutch Coke”, “Fitz’s Strawberry Pop”, “Nehi Peach”), Happy Days, proximity effect, dream review (“Carl Whitman and Economic Tomorrow”, “Doctor Who”, “Early 90’s Alternative Rock Synchronicity”, “American Idol Contestant”, “The Bus Route White House Bathroom Code”, “Folded-Up Flags”, “A Brawl at a Barnes & Noble”, “Guest Stars – Richard Dawkins & Anna Nicole Smith”, “Washington Valley Road”, “Taken in by Rednecks Living at the Edge of a Recent Forest Fire”, “Boxes in the Fireplace”), Beublin A. Richardson, Easter, geese, Cheeseburger Combos, controversial topics, and living The Overnightscape lifestyle. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Live Show Was A Success

The live 5th Anniversary episode (#694) of The Overnightscape at the NYC Podcast Meetup was awesome! I want to thank everyone who came to the show – the audience was amazing, and the show was very interactive! Manny the Mailman took video of about an hour’s worth of the proceedings. The show itself is around 2 hours long, and as well I recorded a “pre-show” that was 20-30 minute long.

I should be able to release the previous show, The Overnightscape #693 at some point today. I will work on the live show (#694) over the weekend, and hopefully have it out by Sunday or Monday. Also I may release the “pre-show” in the Underground at some point…

5th Anniversary of The Overnightscape

I recorded episode 1 of The Overnightscape exactly 5 years ago today. It was Thursday, March 27, 2003. Little did I know that 5 years later it would still be going strong!

I’ll be recording the anniversary episode tonight, in front of a live audience!! There’s still room for a few more people, so sign up and come on down!!

Upcoming schedule: Episode 693 is completed, and will be released soon. The live show will be 694, and I’ll get it out as soon as I can – probably over the weekend. On 695 I plan to have my father back on the show.

New Overnightscape Logo

Here is the new logo on the new business card. Hopefully I will have a bunch to give out at the live 5th anniversary show this Thursday… there is still room for 8 more people, c’mon sign up!!

ABM Show Archive

Last year I worked on a premium podcast called the “Anything But Monday Show” with Mad Mike. It only lasted 8 episodes, and once the show ended, the audio files were taken offline. Now, after nearly a year, we are making the full shows available again, for anyone to listen to in this no-frills archive. (The shows contain some adult subject matter and are “not safe for work” at times.)

The Overnightscape #692 (3/22/08)


The Overnightscape #692 (Saturday, March 22, 2008 / 1:19:00 / 36.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Charter Oak, Derek Italic, Microgramma, Cooper, a letter from FiOS TV, Internet service, American Idol, upcoming 5th anniversary show, boxes, NYC audio, investigating the scene of a crane collapse, building buildings, emergency vehicles, sector commander, dead end, side of building sheared off, a picture on the wall, the crane that fell, St. Patrick’s Day, OTB, police siren wailing in traffic backup, cigar review (CAO Extreme – Petite Cigars”), comedy club handouts, The Naked Cowboy (and his creepy “handler”), red tube fence, the movie “Enchanted”, photo shoot with model, Times Square stereotypes, old video camera, Monty Python, the “what were you doing right now” experiment, lingerie, the ice cream trend and other trends, the new Overnightscape logo and business cards, the headquarters of Bear Stearns (the company that recently imploded), schadenfreude, crappy umbrella, saffron, Dodge Charger, online coupons,, crappy business cards, raining like mad, live show, upcoming return of Frank Ralph Nora, show notes, moving forward with the show, “podcasting” in decline, comment from Rob Safuto, Bryant Park, archiving stuff, remembering a scene (from the movie “Box of Moonlight”), fountain, Starbucks in decline, lines at The Sharper Image on opening day at the Bridgewater Commons Mall many years ago, Books Kinokuniya, bitter at big shots, evil, bought a book, getting espresso at the cafe, watching Dr. Who (Tom Baker era), Romana I, converting video for iPod, sound out of synch, overlooking the park, a happy moment – wrecked, the annoying sweeping, gray area, prejudice at Japanese restauarants, ugly side of Japanese culture, controversial topics, “Pulp Fiction” time shift last episode, bathroom, wet hands, getting on bus, annoying sounds, wearing a baseball cap, my long hair “stoner” pic from 2002, book review (“Fire King Mug Book”), Strawberry Shortcake, Snoopy, Hildi, and the obsession with mugs. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #691 (3/21/08)


The Overnightscape #691 (Friday, March 21, 2008 / 2:20:00 / 64.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Just got home from work, last episode’s mishap, show notes, my Twitter posts, old Obliviana website, the Summer of 1998, virtual mall, a scene came to mind, Harry Potter, Dumbledore, visual memory, decadence, Glenrothes single malt Scotch, vitamins, progress in 209, strange theories, pseudo company, depths of weirdness, Tori Amos, Macintosh G3 and G4, Xappenshard Craze, bad poetry, Abaxial Usufruct, Superior, The Overnightscape Stash, wisdom, sanity, bad picture, “The Money Masters”, Cuban cigars, “dialectical process”, Fidel Castro and HD-DVD, Dubai, poppy seeds, everything bagels, Aviary, awful governments, unforgivable cruelty to cats in China, horrific savagery, TIME SHIFT, sirens, wasting time, recording dreams, lost in thought in the shower, geese, time is slipping away, pasta gambit, highway bus stop, bursting with energy, TIME SHIFT, “Free Tibet” Inramble video, Olympics in Nazi Germany, candle update, l-cysteine update, the art of voting, watching the lunar eclipse, predicting eclipses, theories of space, deceivers, Flat Earth Society, giant dome, the sun and moon appearing to be the same size in the sky as evidence of creation, theory of evolution, “Flatland” by Edwin Abbott, imagining the fourth dimension, a bad pro-evolution argument, reactions to religion, atheistic materialism is childish, cultish behavior, new $5 bills, controversial topics, The Sharper Image going bankrupt, illusions, blind spots, what you see is not exactly what is really there, “Helvetica” movie, correcting IMs, cats seeing invisible things, a call from the place where I used to live, American Idol, DVR mishaps, heated debates on Twitter, woke up to a snowstorm, Laurie Anderson’s “Puppet Motel” Voyager CD-ROM, CD-ROM magazines, Stok, Myst, heat coming on, air traffic, dream review (“Drug Addicts at the Casino”, “Looking for the Water Thing”, “Night Cityscape / Stadium / Cat”), The Mission to Retrieve the Beverages from Texas, traffic karma, Dublin Dr. Pepper, Coke made with sugar instead of corn syrup, the old bus stop, cicadas, lack of nostalgia, holiday flags, the old Overnightscape Studio, street sweeper, awkward parking area, waiting for the maintenance guy, more air traffic, Smart Card Depot, making contact, getting the box, investigation, respecting private space, a little extra time, irresponsibility, going to 7-11, Fusion Energy Coffee, $2.09, weak bagels, the collapsing dollar, huge dog, and black lids. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #690 (3/18/08)


The Overnightscape #690 (Tuesday, March 18, 2008 / 2:07:00 / 58.3 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Frank’s brother John in studio again, living in NYC, expansion codes, completely random memories (“The Six Million Dollar Man”), bad sci-fi, “Battle Beyond The Stars”, Bionic Bigfoot, Fembots, Oscar Goldman action figure, bionic card shuffling, Ron Paul’s presidential campaign winding down, the question of a third party run, Federal Reserve, “The Money Masters”, air freshener review (“Glade Wisp French Vanilla Flameless Candle”), gummy thing makes frosted glass transparent, complicated instructions, fragrance puffs, “candle” in the dark, John leaves to get the bus back to NYC, Marginal Road, bus timing, Frank’s wife Denice, “Pringles Extreme – Screamin’ Dill Pickle”, Felix from Indonesia on Twitter, Starbucks Honey Latte, walking in New Jersey, huge box of review items, “Gout Candy Spray”, PROBLEM (approx. 30 minutes of show not recorded due to recording error), trying to recover from the error, insectoid workers, analyzing the notes, Ionic Breeze, Idiocracy, piss stream, Firebrand (TV network of all commercials) shuts down, “Sega Race TV”, great arcade video games of the 1990s, remembering “”, Internet history, the dot com crash, hubris and arrogance, NYC field recordings (“Subway Police Bag Search”, “Times Square Bombing”), CAO “Earth Nectar” cigars, dressed all in brown, demolition crew, US dollar collapse, news vans, military service, war and human nature, signs of the police state, beverage review (“Tava – Mediterranean Fiesta – Black Cherry Citrus”), cryptic packaging messsges, neurotoxins, noisy website, Flash abuse, dangers of aspartame, Zen Burger / Zen Palate, Walgreens at 1 Times Square, The Hooters, in a “trance” on the bus, Phun (physics simulator), “Physics is Phun”, old Mac gravity / orbiting simulator, beverage review (“Function – Urban Detox – Citrus-Prickly Pear”), some l-cysteine is made from human hair, ingredients list “NaCl” instead of salt?, trademark phrases, “hair tonic”, candy review (“Russell Stover – Urban – Modern World Chocolates”), bad Forrest Gump imitation, history of Russell Stover, Sea Salt Soft Caramel, Chief Big Wheel, lime Jell-O, ganache, Christian Nelson, Eskimo Pie, researching topics, “The Readers Guide to Periodical Literature”, researching obscure football teams, Myachi hand sack, and horrible thermal paper. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #689 (3/14/08)


The Overnightscape #689 (Friday, March 14, 2008 / 2:37:00 / 72 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Frank’s brother John in studio doing research for a story, central Florida area code, area code “321”, Cape Canaveral, Idlewild Airport, air travel, show stats, drinking absinthe and playing PlayStation, John’s homemade absinthe experience, realistic dreams, romanticizing the idea of doing something, previewing the stuff from Texas, upcoming live Overnightscape for the 5th Anniversary of the show, Iraq War, OsoaWeek, announcing the “semi-secret project” – The Overnightscape Stash, old Obliviana website Hemisinister Review, the thing that separates the truly insane, whisky review (“The Glenrothes – Single Speyside Malt” (distilled in 1991)), drinking a hologram, fields and sunshine, remembering Lego “Fabuland”, action figure review (“Minimates Vision and Hawkeye”), color schemes of superheroes, Scarlet Witch, people at comic book stores, The Defenders, Doctor Strange, Valkyrie, Hulk, Sub-Mariner, checking out some videos on (#103 Bad Sky (chemtrails), #102 Electric Fountain 2), video ads, Rockefeller Center, ice skating, roller skating, bicycle rides, strip mall in Somerville, NJ, featureless buildings, Enid Blyton, The Famous Five, The Young Ones, Monty Python, comedy references, Mr.Rogers, Uncle Floyd, David Bowie, the mysteries of UHF, TV antennas, watching analog TV over the air, channel dials, analog snow and noise, vertical hold, John has some “Fruko Schulz” Absinthe, sugar cube dissolves, wormword, thujone, Scope, snack review (“Pringles Extreme – Screamin’ Dill Pickle”), Pringles character, real dill, the new NFL logo, the curly “L” on the old “NFL” logo, rotary phone, manly serifs, Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, ruining the perfect season, football teams, helmets, logos, color schemes, The Helmet Project, Steelers yellow helmet, listener email (“Andy from California”), forwarded email (“Emergency Analog Television Noise Archivist” Park Doing), electromagnetic waves, NASCAR, car crashes, slow accumulation of information, information processing addiction, Velocity Cafe, Velocity 17, virtual racing center, Joe Gibbs, tactical training, opening the package from Carrie from Texas (discontinued “drug” candy Icebreakers Pacs), Cocaine Energy Drink, sunshine on whisky picture, listener artwork from Chad from Texas, Quark, Atari 2600 Missile Command, Warlords, listener audio (Chad Bowers ( from Dallas becomes a roving reporter for The Overnightscape, visiting “The Soda Gallery” soda pop shop (formerly Hamilton Rousseau’s “Ifs Ands & Butts”), and interviews Robert, one the owners), Dick’s Last Resort, Fifth Floor Museum, Grassy Knoll, green argon gas tubes, hot Dublin Dr. Pepper, Dutch Coke, Mexican Coke, root beer, Bishop Arts District, a guy full of theories, art shows, nostalgic retro candy, cigars, Pink Dream cigarettes, bottle labels, McDonald’s Coke, Afri-Cola, Delaware Punch, Nehi, Sioux City Cola, real sugar, Mr. Pibb, Moxie, different culture in Texas, friendliness, Ramune, philosophies, painted-on bottle labels, dangerous candy article, Space Dust candy, globular clown, the Mikey’s stomach exploding because of Pop Rocks and Coke urban legend, spider eggs in bubble gum, Space Dust “gassified confection “patents, Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief, toy review (“Crystal Ball” by, video of woman in office, Japanese collectible miniatures, theme cake models, elephant and sorbet,, sex and candy, Gothic Lolita Bible, Re-Ment, and the process of podcasting. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #688 (3/6/08)


The Overnightscape #688 (Thursday, March 6, 2008 / 2:03:00 / 56.5 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Going on a “Rail Adventure” today, going down some strange streets, what will happen in five hours after riding on four different trains, secret pathway, a hill overlooking another street, the adventure plan, train tickets, highway in the distance, Ninja Drive, a snowman, PATH train system changing, heavy traffic, changing the batteries, feather on my shoe, black clothes, pants ripping apart, walking in mud, travelling light, convenience store, lip balm, jumping over a snowbank, menacing stormcoulds in the distance, scaredogs in the cemetary, Disney theme park MP3s, Frank calls his brother John, Immodium boxes, unexpected person, vague memories, Bawls Buzz mints, confusion of streets, big wind chimes, pub, Delawanna Station, ITC Benguiat, headlines, ticket decision, business card, train shelter, bicycle story, diarrhea, tangled audio tape in the chain link fence and weeds, train arrives, snow, drunken and loud crowd of people on train, “Mark Twain Riverboat” from Disneyland Paris, Force Ten, Hoboken PATH station, heading over to the Light Rail system, horrible ticket machines, waiting on the train, hazy sunshine, a train dressed up as a boat, remembering to validate the ticket, arriving at the Newport Centre Mall, massage chairs, whisky, remembering commuting thru the mall, a couple hours of mall, Spencer Gifts, wandering around Sears, Helio brochure, Frank’s wife used to work at this mall, wandering around mall, remembering a difficult mall memory, movie urination plan, remembering “Mall Day”, video games in movie theater, model of Wall-E, reliving the glory days of my youth going to malls and wandering around by myself, Segway, wandering around mall is like staring at a candle flame while meditating, getting espresso for $2.09 at Gloria Jean’s Coffee Bean, good useless crap, shopping for Beta VCRs, fun stores, vague memory of “Myachi”, cursing blind guy, the next generation crying in strollers, almost bought Vintage Clue Miss Scarlet car, favorite mall food – sushi and french fries, the FAO Schwarz plan, a good seat overlooking the mall, inari, a dream lunch in a dream place, pissing on a bottle of cognac, the bathroom is a disaster, Pokemon marbles, Pop-Tarts, tofu and beans, heading over to the PATH station, remembering parking deck, walking into my past, Pavonia history sign, winter cabbages, enter PATH with MetroCard, long tunnels with murals of sea creatures, bike gang, waiting for the PATH, arrival at 33rd St. In NYC, more drunk people, gum offer, Big League Chew, animated tunnel ad, Prudential Center, slight detour to toy store, heading into the subway, N train, beret guy, nighttime 59th St., horse manure, Cloverfield, cool things to carry around, Apple, arriving at FAO Schwarz, review of the 4 trains, toy soldier guy, polar bear, dragon, the famous piano, finding and buying a “Myachi” (hand hacky sack type thing), “Smurf Death”, more creatures, heading down 5th Ave. to museum, Trump Tower, arrival at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) movie theater entrance, checking out the Myachi (“Lemon Head” color), movie review with Frank’s brother John (“To My Great Chagrin: The Unbelievable Story of Brother Theodore”), later on in Times Square, redemption games, killing time at Virgin Megastore and Toys R Us, Xbox 360 driving game, new semi-secret project, zipping up, thoughts about success, show length estimate, and the sounds of NYC. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #687 (3/4/08)


The Overnightscape #687 (Tuesday, March 4, 2008 / 2:01:00 / 55.5 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Toy chess cake, cosmic things, symbolic things, walking in NYC, firewalking on Good Morning America, Twin Peaks, Starbucks training session, Times Square, magic, remnants of hot coals, espresso memories, the failed Swatch “Internet Time”, the movie “Starbucking”, at a Starbucks, busted trophy, “Home Grown” by Booker T. and the M.G.’s, beverage review (Starbucks doppio espresso), zipping up, cigarette smoking, cigar phases, bar uses smoking law loophole, popcorn shop, smoking at work in the past, remembering someone’s story of a pipe smoking mishap, chromes, the mirror reality, impatient people, shredding truck, American Idol, breakfast at Zen Burger, eggs, French words, lunchtime, Amish Market, zipping up, silver dragees, maki lunch, power sandwich, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Tea’s Tea – Hoji, considerate people, social conditioning, spending too much money, the word “cacao”, candy review (“Vere Cayenne + Cacao Nibs Organic Chocolate Bar – 75% Cacao”), ESP test, looking in the garbage, later – leaving work, zipping up, heading over to Rockefeller Center, dusk, info on Books Kinokuniya, Google blog search, weird cafe for cats, “”Bar Code” / “Charmin Restrooms” / “Pedigree Dog Store”, US dollar decreasing in value, the chocolate made me feel weird, Park Ave., Frank has some of the discontinued candy “Icebreakers Pacs – Orange”, vegetarian Bovril, recording an Inramble video (#99) about the “Electric Fountain” at Rockefeller Center, “Roam” by The B-52s, blank flag, velvet ropes, real TV crew, mini pocket, crumpled-up note, 6th Ave, spring rolls vs. egg rolls, roadkill, police cars, note on open sign, remembering caffeinated Alka-Seltzer, the perfect drug, “Lost Highway”, National Debt Clock video, Monty Python “Cheese Shop” sketch, the evils of banking, HBO store, huge skyscraper, Bryant Park bathroom surprise, powerful electric hand dryer, G-force test guy video, movie “Knightriders”, Ed Harris, Tom Savini, Verizon, work permits, Frutiger, Training Camp, arriving at huge Japanese bookstore “Books Kinokuniya”, “OK Fred” Magazine, “Gothic Lolita” department, guest panel in the cafe, manga, VW van collectible toys, design department, restrooms, hiding the red light, Oriental Thought, little collectible toys, gold club erasers, sushi erasers, beverage erasers, origami, “Analysis of a Golf Course”, Hillary Clinton book in Japanese, weird windows, colored pencils, wad of money, Japanese collectible toy review (Re-Ment Cakes – elephant, lily pad, and sorbet), Giggles, cool font, American Idol, 1440 Broadway (where Jean Shepherd used to broadcast), zipping up, a thing with doors today, toxic chemicals, driving sideways, superheroes Vision and Hawkeye, Baskin Robbins logo, Emigre font “Variex”, Type 3 PostScript fonts, super windy, pogonips, area code check, Treo battery, lottery quote, and Walt Disney’s hat. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #686 (2/27/08)


The Overnightscape #686 (Wedenesday, February 27, 2008 / 57:00 / 26.3 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Analysis of “breezeways”, the streets of New York City, 42nd Street, Starbucks closing nationwide for a few hours for employee training, phases in life, coffee, americano, Times Square, police horses, riots, “Horton Hears A Who” movie, Dr. Seuss, MTV Store, 45th Street, sign on Starbucks door, remembering Chantico, drizzling, weather, The Sharper Image going bankrupt, air filters, zipping up the jacket, forklift, Jack’s World, cheap products, model train / hobby stores, music stores, chess stores, store clusters, banks, 5th Avenue, solar parking machine, Japanese bookstore at Rockefeller Center shut down, another Japanese bookstore (Asahiya), vague grid of Manhattan, avenues, Roosevelt Hotel, funny doorman hats, Vanderbilt Avenue, a Chinatown breezeway, taxi graphics, light blue and brown color scheme, lunchtime, loading dock, umbrella, Cafe Bistro, pasta balls, Howard Stern, zipping again, strange elastic strap, Petland Discounts TV commercials, new bus shelter, “Bain de Soleil” correction, the font “Choc”, appetizers, income tax, ATM solo vestibule, cafe, Ad Council, Dunkin Donuts, 100th anniversary of the PATH trains, “Mongolian Seating Area”, massive fields of shipping containers, stopping, PATH cartoon character “Bad Bill”, Brother Theodore movie, Dick Cavett, scaffolding, quick release, and the upcoming “live” Overnightscape for the 5th Anniversary of the show on March 27 at the NYC podcast meetup. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #685 (2/23/08)


The Overnightscape #685 (Saturday, February 23, 2008 / 3:23:00 / 93 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The fleeting nature of hotness, caffeine molecule T-shirts, Mr. Jesse the Cat, couscous, 120 year old woman, drinking olive oil, TV serendipity, Star Wars Episode III en espanol, Star Wars was incredible for 6 years (until “Return of the Jedi”), new Star Wars movie “The Clone Wars”, George Lucas is insane, Star Wars ideas, being a Star Wars fan sucks, new Indiana Jones movie, stuck in the 80s, status report on the world of The Overnightscape, Inramble, The Overnightscape Underground, the upcoming “live appearance” for the 5th anniversary of The Overnightscape, candy review (“Now and Later Soft”), sandwich, single malt Scotch whisky review (“The Balvenie – Single Barrel – 15 Years Old” (in-cask date July 3, 1991)), being a loser in 1991, depression, the nickels and coffee story, Somerville, NJ strip mall closed, sleeping in car in toy store parking lot, the boredom of school, independent spirit, the emotionally disturbed class, the urinal box story, Frank competes in the Special Olympics, alcohol, clutter, Overnightcase Reviews (Mr. Bunny / Dave from England reviews “Trader Joe’s Sweet and Spicy Pecans”, “Good & Plenty – Licorice Candy”, and “PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche Bar”), public domain song “The Coffee Pioneers”, getting involved in The Overnightcase Project, vintage Good n Plenty TV commercial, powerful jingle, Good & Fruity, review items in limbo, lost Overnightcase items, The Final Overnightcase Secret Review (“Ramune and Cola Candy”), Zotz, book review (“Birds of Britain”, 1967), The Streets, Entertainment Weekly, the youthquake, Julie Christie, Sarah Miles, decadent time travellers, Paula Noble, Susan Hampshire, Jane Asher, Paul McCartney, time is a bitch, Patti Boyd, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, “Layla”, “riddles in the dark” clip from the Rankin-Bass animated The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, Gollum, Brother Theodore on Letterman in 1985,, new NFL logo, curly “L”, Super Bowl, Tom Petty, Super Tuesday, voting for Ron Paul, crappy electric hand dryers in bathrooms, taxi flower art gone, Saks Fifth Avenue truck elevator, Librarie de France, music cassettes, haircut, American Idol, Carly Smithson, HBO, “EF Hutton” commercials, bathrooms in Grand Central, wires on poles, Jack Nicholson impressions, “Bain De Soleil” TV commercial, Crazy Eddie, 3 hours of MTV from 1983, Mark Goodman, original EPCOT “Horizons” ride vehicle for $11,000, Twix, Sansui, “Earth To MTV”, “120 Minutes”, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit “Trolley Troubles”, Walt Disney, Al Michaels, computer problems, file recovery, Mac G3, Mac G4, Micro Center, frustration, 1TB hard drive, visiting Bryan in Pennsylvania with Peter, B-Movie card games, Gold Million Records, driving to Long Island, Cross Bronx Expressway, Cruis’n USA, Cruis’n World, bowling, Wii “Mario Party 8”, flash drives, candy review (“Bawls Mints” / “Bawls Buzz”), double entendres, staring at Space Dust, checking out some vinyl LP records (“Environments 8” (listening to “Sailboat”), “Environments 9”, “Environments 3”, “Spank the Nun” (listening to “Another Rock & Roll Statement” by Union Carbide Productions), “Son of a Witch”, “No Age” (listening to “March of the Melted Army Men” by Lawndale, and “Cinnecitta” by Pell Mell”), “Trilogy”(listening to Casa Di Mansa” by Toure Kunda)), and the idea of playing records on the radio. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #684 (2/20/08)


The Overnightscape #684 (Wednesday, February 20, 2008 / 2:16:00 / 62.4 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: A playground for my mind, pursuing perfection, hairs and fibers, state codes, American Samoa, spilled coffee on shirt, the American dollar, economic crash, Presidents Day, Washington’s Birthday, Uniform Monday Holiday Act, Dutch coffee review (“Espresso Originale” – The Coffee Company), Palm mug, getting fired, Mac PowerBook 150, PhoneNet connectors, System 7, computing history, OsoaWeek (The Weekly Ezine of Obliviana Super Occult Amusement), the 209th day of 1994, game/cult, early days of AOL, BBS, Aerie Obliviana, Psion Series III, Palm V, MLK Day, Arizona, Public Enemy, Flavor Flav, 22nd anniversary of Anything But Monday, college radio show, 209, romance of a wild youth, premium podcast, letting go of the past, dream review (“Smashing Down Bathroom Walls”), PS2 game (“Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”), the movie “Memento”, memory and dreaming, getting more coffee, tangle of wires, kitty litter scratch ‘n’ sniff, ancient Atlantis, cat genetics, pipe smoking, weather, “Package Opening Time”, vintage candy Frank bought on eBay (Cherry “Space Dust” from 1978), Fruit Brute, childhood Space Dust memories, angel dust, Dynamints, opening a package from listener Wayne from New York (discontinued “Icebreakers Pacs” candy, buttons, toy soldier, Old Mountain rose incense, Jelly Belly Dr. Pepper jellybeans, Wacky Packages (new series 6), “Monster Party” media), Dave from Work IM, Wacky Packages in the 70s, recording of Frank at age 6 (“Bad Hole”), movie “Smoky and The Bandit 2”, synchronicity report (“The Flying Nun”), vintage item review (“Fun Buttons” by Fun Foods), Little Silver,, random slogans, cool crafts collection review (“The Sampler” – February 2008), Bunta Block, photocopy graphics, Gloom Magazine, quick movie reviews (“Persepolis”, “Juno”, “Cloverfield”, “They Live”), people from Iran, Iranian movie review from The Overnightscape #4 (“Ten”), indie pretensions, Rowdy Roddy Piper, John Carpenter, conspiracies, terra cotta, and a baby narwhal. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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684 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

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The Overnightscape #683 (2/13/08)


The Overnightscape #683 (Wednesday, February 13, 2008 / 53:00 / 24.4 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Comfy chairs, mysterious stuff, Port Authority Bus Terminal, USO, General Douglas MacArthur, Frank’s father’s Navy stories, new skyscraper, exploring the 300 gates area, orange numbers, shiny red bricks, water fountain, injured pigeon, carts, people lined up, withdrawn in high school, air conditioning, entering the subway system, the new tile art in The Corridor of Losers (of people celebrating New Years), musicians missing, obsessed with magic, thinking of joining the Navy, religious people, a women fell down, ramp, escalators, clothing company sticker, Jobox, controlling reality, examining the artwork, Times Square Shuttle, cool subway area, the world is on pause, 10 days since I last recorded, old door, on the Shuttle, Aquafresh Toothpaste, the movie “Real Men” (1987), bag and coats, Grand Central Terminal, Pylones, Northwest Passage, unprepared to get off the bus, out in the cold, Park Avenue goes through building, Burt Reynolds movies (“Smokey and The Bandit”, “Smokey and The Bandit 2”, “The Cannonball Run”, “Hooper”), comedic angles, lunchtime, snowing, failed recording because I pressed pause by accident while the recorder was wrapped in a scarf, sushi confusion, transit museum, clock, robot, my appearance on “Conspiracast”, Tom Green, laughably fake Apollo 17 moon mission videos, checking out some soup, falafel platter, old mailbox, odd device, official activity, upcoming episodes, strange little police cars, cool seat, and failure. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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683 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

The Overnightscape #682 (2/8/08)


The Overnightscape #682 (Friday, February 8, 2008 / 2:04:00 / 56.9 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The stomach flu, Groundhog Day, Fort Worth, Texas, an ad in Entertainment Weekly, giant ancient desert artwork, Xevious, Adobe Wood Type – Mesquite, beverage review (“Miller Chill”), Super Bowl, New York Giants, New Jersey, Frank gets the “stomach flu”,, toasted pine nut couscous, olive oil, bourbon, arguing with people on Twitter about Ron Paul, Air Force One, Ronald Reagan imitations, scumbags, secret societies, Federal Reserve, banking, the movie “The Money Masters”, the Ron Paul phenomenon, Michael Badnarik videos about The Constitution, spiritual journey,, the story of the stomach flu, nausea, chills, semi-delirious state, throwing up, viruses, sleeping the whole day, fever dreams, blank slate, matzoh, Encyclopedia Britannica, before the Internet, TV review (“Lost”), torrential downpour, mental haze, looking sick in videos, immunity, pasta with hot sauce, movie review (“Smokey and The Bandit” (1977)), Star Wars, escapist fantasy, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, the CB radio craze, “Night Music” air freshener discontinued, Icebreakers Pacs candy discontinued, buying an original 1978 pack of Cherry “Space Dust” on eBay, Dynamints, Candy Dandy puzzle, Lipton “Giggle Noodle” Chicken Soup, “inramble” Google hits, blog comments (Rob Safuto – Inramble”), New York Minute Show, NYC Pod Squad, TubeMogul,, NYC Video 2.0 meetup at Webster Hall, video people, not working too great for me, 9/11 truth and the “no planes” theory, Mos Def on Real Time with Bill Maher, Apollo moon mission hoaxes, Montel Williams, the obsession with celebrity news, InStyle Magazine, the Mercury Retrograde walnut thing, headphone shopping, unrealistic grand schemes, looking back, “Stuff I Sold on eBay in 2003” (zip file of 530 pics), preservability, on edge of a sneeze, 2XL, Atari cartridges, Pepsi Kona, weird Japanese floppy discs, 1 TB hard drive, Weird Paul, Facebook, with Byron Allen, Real People, That’s Incredible, vintage Lego websites, “Malls of America” guy still missing, asteroid “TU24” almost hit the Earth, smirking creep, random CD cover thing, WDW map, “Shining Stars” dolls, “name a star”, and the Lakota Nation secedes from the USA? Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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682 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

The Overnightscape #681 (2/4/08)


The Overnightscape #681 (Monday, February 4, 2008 / 2:34:00 / 70.8 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Blue jelly, elf zombie, the urge to create little worlds, incense keep on going, a little movie report from Starlog Magazine #47 (June 1981), Future Life Magazine, old magazines, movies mentioned (“Blade Runner”, “Dune”, “Knightriders”, “Creepshow”, “Invasion of the Spaghetti Monsters”, “The Stand”, “Day of the Dead”, “The Creature Wasn’t Nice”), Boards of Canada song “Music is Math”, “the past inside the present”, feeling sorry for the atheists, atheist “god” The Flying Spaghetti Monster, the spiritual middle ground, “Frank from the farther future” cuts into the show to correct some mistakes made by “Frank from the future”, who when cuts in to celebrate the two million second mark which regular-time Frank had missed, time travel sound effects, temporal anomolies, the celebration of 2,000,000 seconds of The Overnightscape, looking back on the one million second mark on episode 425 (3/31/06), celebrating with some Van Winkle bourbon, putting together the celebration bell (Bionic Woman eye involve with cat psychic event, spring from old squeaky chair, Overnightscape mini ruler), analysis of 2 million seconds, mathematical formulas, the celebration, shot glass, making sure the endpoint doesn’t deviate from the zero point, returning to real time, a shot of bourbon, computer game review (“NetHack”), Epson QX-16 computer, the game “Rogue”, Amulet of Yendor, roguelike game, Wikihack, moving with HJKL, playing NetHack at “telnet”, neutral human Valkyrie, leprechauns, identify scroll, looting a box, spellbook, attacking a pony, frozen by the floating eye’s gaze, killed by a paper golem, ring of free action, quick review of “The Sampler” from Holiday 2007 (, Scrub Your Butt Soap Company, mini “neon” sign review (Desk Top Neon – “H&C Coffee” sign from Roanoke, Virginia), The Station at Citigroup Center, model railroading, Miller Engineering (, , lava lamp, Million Dollar Homepage, Pixelotto, Alexa rankings, novelty vs. quality, NYC “The Gates” art project, new NYC art project “The Waterfalls”, partial movie review (“Smokey and the Bandit” (1977)), Sony Platinum MusicPass, chair disposal, celebrity deaths (Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro), Saturn Return, People Magazine “Gone Too Soon”, Cadillac and their 40 GB hard drives, offering people on Twitter to say whatever they write on the show, remembering synthesizer performer Michael Iceberg playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida, a video of Michael Iceberg from Disneyland (on, Baroque Hoedown / Main Street Electrical Parade, another celebrity death (Maila Nurmi (“Vampira”)), local TV horror hosts, “Chiller”, “Malls of America” guy still missing, “Sir Graves Ghastly”, “Plan Nine From Outer Space”, even more celebrity deaths, TV show “Torchwood”, names for the UK, Twitter response (“”), Doctor Who, WDW map update, new Circuit City in NYC, bathrooms, the DIVX before DIVX, candy review (“Monster Mints – High Intensity”), Oregon Peppermint Oil, Monster Cables, Overnightscape 2007 stats (99 shows, 149+ hours), being in the live audience for “The Conan O’Brien Show”, Hulk Hogan, WWF Uncle Elmer’s wedding in 1985, the old David Letterman studio, Chris Elliott characters (The Guy Under The Seats, The Regulator Guy), Twitter resonse (“Boostah” listening to the “Into Your Head” podcast), Conspiracast, a visit to Saugerties, NY, antique stores and junk shops, book review (“JC Penney Catalog – Fall & Winter 1973”), a pistol crossbow, mushroom and owl art, serendipity, being a 6-year-old kid in 1973, pimpwear, Twitter response (“Brian Jude” – mystery message), Woodstock, Frank takes the “Pasta Inferno” challenge at the restaurant “New World Home Cooking” in Saugerties, fresh habanero peppers, a major pepper high, voiceovers, “Liquor 43”, checking Skype, new cupcake shop “Sweet Avenue Bake Shop”, rootbeer float cupcake, red velvet cake, Blue Velvet, Mr. Jesse the Cat, toothpaste review (“Colgate Max Fresh Whitening With Mini Breath Strips – Kiss Me Mint”), and generic “berry” flavor. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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681 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

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