The Overnightscape #683 (2/13/08)


The Overnightscape #683 (Wednesday, February 13, 2008 / 53:00 / 24.4 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Comfy chairs, mysterious stuff, Port Authority Bus Terminal, USO, General Douglas MacArthur, Frank’s father’s Navy stories, new skyscraper, exploring the 300 gates area, orange numbers, shiny red bricks, water fountain, injured pigeon, carts, people lined up, withdrawn in high school, air conditioning, entering the subway system, the new tile art in The Corridor of Losers (of people celebrating New Years), musicians missing, obsessed with magic, thinking of joining the Navy, religious people, a women fell down, ramp, escalators, clothing company sticker, Jobox, controlling reality, examining the artwork, Times Square Shuttle, cool subway area, the world is on pause, 10 days since I last recorded, old door, on the Shuttle, Aquafresh Toothpaste, the movie “Real Men” (1987), bag and coats, Grand Central Terminal, Pylones, Northwest Passage, unprepared to get off the bus, out in the cold, Park Avenue goes through building, Burt Reynolds movies (“Smokey and The Bandit”, “Smokey and The Bandit 2”, “The Cannonball Run”, “Hooper”), comedic angles, lunchtime, snowing, failed recording because I pressed pause by accident while the recorder was wrapped in a scarf, sushi confusion, transit museum, clock, robot, my appearance on “Conspiracast”, Tom Green, laughably fake Apollo 17 moon mission videos, checking out some soup, falafel platter, old mailbox, odd device, official activity, upcoming episodes, strange little police cars, cool seat, and failure. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #682 (2/8/08)


The Overnightscape #682 (Friday, February 8, 2008 / 2:04:00 / 56.9 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: The stomach flu, Groundhog Day, Fort Worth, Texas, an ad in Entertainment Weekly, giant ancient desert artwork, Xevious, Adobe Wood Type – Mesquite, beverage review (“Miller Chill”), Super Bowl, New York Giants, New Jersey, Frank gets the “stomach flu”,, toasted pine nut couscous, olive oil, bourbon, arguing with people on Twitter about Ron Paul, Air Force One, Ronald Reagan imitations, scumbags, secret societies, Federal Reserve, banking, the movie “The Money Masters”, the Ron Paul phenomenon, Michael Badnarik videos about The Constitution, spiritual journey,, the story of the stomach flu, nausea, chills, semi-delirious state, throwing up, viruses, sleeping the whole day, fever dreams, blank slate, matzoh, Encyclopedia Britannica, before the Internet, TV review (“Lost”), torrential downpour, mental haze, looking sick in videos, immunity, pasta with hot sauce, movie review (“Smokey and The Bandit” (1977)), Star Wars, escapist fantasy, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, the CB radio craze, “Night Music” air freshener discontinued, Icebreakers Pacs candy discontinued, buying an original 1978 pack of Cherry “Space Dust” on eBay, Dynamints, Candy Dandy puzzle, Lipton “Giggle Noodle” Chicken Soup, “inramble” Google hits, blog comments (Rob Safuto – Inramble”), New York Minute Show, NYC Pod Squad, TubeMogul,, NYC Video 2.0 meetup at Webster Hall, video people, not working too great for me, 9/11 truth and the “no planes” theory, Mos Def on Real Time with Bill Maher, Apollo moon mission hoaxes, Montel Williams, the obsession with celebrity news, InStyle Magazine, the Mercury Retrograde walnut thing, headphone shopping, unrealistic grand schemes, looking back, “Stuff I Sold on eBay in 2003” (zip file of 530 pics), preservability, on edge of a sneeze, 2XL, Atari cartridges, Pepsi Kona, weird Japanese floppy discs, 1 TB hard drive, Weird Paul, Facebook, with Byron Allen, Real People, That’s Incredible, vintage Lego websites, “Malls of America” guy still missing, asteroid “TU24” almost hit the Earth, smirking creep, random CD cover thing, WDW map, “Shining Stars” dolls, “name a star”, and the Lakota Nation secedes from the USA? Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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The Overnightscape #681 (2/4/08)


The Overnightscape #681 (Monday, February 4, 2008 / 2:34:00 / 70.8 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Blue jelly, elf zombie, the urge to create little worlds, incense keep on going, a little movie report from Starlog Magazine #47 (June 1981), Future Life Magazine, old magazines, movies mentioned (“Blade Runner”, “Dune”, “Knightriders”, “Creepshow”, “Invasion of the Spaghetti Monsters”, “The Stand”, “Day of the Dead”, “The Creature Wasn’t Nice”), Boards of Canada song “Music is Math”, “the past inside the present”, feeling sorry for the atheists, atheist “god” The Flying Spaghetti Monster, the spiritual middle ground, “Frank from the farther future” cuts into the show to correct some mistakes made by “Frank from the future”, who when cuts in to celebrate the two million second mark which regular-time Frank had missed, time travel sound effects, temporal anomolies, the celebration of 2,000,000 seconds of The Overnightscape, looking back on the one million second mark on episode 425 (3/31/06), celebrating with some Van Winkle bourbon, putting together the celebration bell (Bionic Woman eye involve with cat psychic event, spring from old squeaky chair, Overnightscape mini ruler), analysis of 2 million seconds, mathematical formulas, the celebration, shot glass, making sure the endpoint doesn’t deviate from the zero point, returning to real time, a shot of bourbon, computer game review (“NetHack”), Epson QX-16 computer, the game “Rogue”, Amulet of Yendor, roguelike game, Wikihack, moving with HJKL, playing NetHack at “telnet”, neutral human Valkyrie, leprechauns, identify scroll, looting a box, spellbook, attacking a pony, frozen by the floating eye’s gaze, killed by a paper golem, ring of free action, quick review of “The Sampler” from Holiday 2007 (, Scrub Your Butt Soap Company, mini “neon” sign review (Desk Top Neon – “H&C Coffee” sign from Roanoke, Virginia), The Station at Citigroup Center, model railroading, Miller Engineering (, , lava lamp, Million Dollar Homepage, Pixelotto, Alexa rankings, novelty vs. quality, NYC “The Gates” art project, new NYC art project “The Waterfalls”, partial movie review (“Smokey and the Bandit” (1977)), Sony Platinum MusicPass, chair disposal, celebrity deaths (Heath Ledger, Brad Renfro), Saturn Return, People Magazine “Gone Too Soon”, Cadillac and their 40 GB hard drives, offering people on Twitter to say whatever they write on the show, remembering synthesizer performer Michael Iceberg playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida, a video of Michael Iceberg from Disneyland (on, Baroque Hoedown / Main Street Electrical Parade, another celebrity death (Maila Nurmi (“Vampira”)), local TV horror hosts, “Chiller”, “Malls of America” guy still missing, “Sir Graves Ghastly”, “Plan Nine From Outer Space”, even more celebrity deaths, TV show “Torchwood”, names for the UK, Twitter response (“”), Doctor Who, WDW map update, new Circuit City in NYC, bathrooms, the DIVX before DIVX, candy review (“Monster Mints – High Intensity”), Oregon Peppermint Oil, Monster Cables, Overnightscape 2007 stats (99 shows, 149+ hours), being in the live audience for “The Conan O’Brien Show”, Hulk Hogan, WWF Uncle Elmer’s wedding in 1985, the old David Letterman studio, Chris Elliott characters (The Guy Under The Seats, The Regulator Guy), Twitter resonse (“Boostah” listening to the “Into Your Head” podcast), Conspiracast, a visit to Saugerties, NY, antique stores and junk shops, book review (“JC Penney Catalog – Fall & Winter 1973”), a pistol crossbow, mushroom and owl art, serendipity, being a 6-year-old kid in 1973, pimpwear, Twitter response (“Brian Jude” – mystery message), Woodstock, Frank takes the “Pasta Inferno” challenge at the restaurant “New World Home Cooking” in Saugerties, fresh habanero peppers, a major pepper high, voiceovers, “Liquor 43”, checking Skype, new cupcake shop “Sweet Avenue Bake Shop”, rootbeer float cupcake, red velvet cake, Blue Velvet, Mr. Jesse the Cat, toothpaste review (“Colgate Max Fresh Whitening With Mini Breath Strips – Kiss Me Mint”), and generic “berry” flavor. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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681 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

Stuff I Sold on eBay in 2003

38.1 MB ZIP file containing 530 pictures:

Note: There are a few slightly NSFW images like some Playboy covers and stuff.

From the READ ME file in the archive:

by Frank Edward Nora
530 Pictures
Released February 2, 2008

Hi, I’m Frank Edward Nora, host of the long-running Internet talk radio show “The Overnightscape” ( I have always had way too much stuff and not enough space to store it. Back in 2003 I set out to sell a ton of stuff I had accumulated on eBay – stuff you can see in these pictures. Most of the stuff sold. I may still have a few of these items. It was kind of bittersweet looking at these pics – while I don’t miss any of this stuff, some of it is pretty darn cool… Anyway, just though you might like to see this collection of interesting things.

These photos are under the following license:

Attribution 3.0 United States

Attribution: By Frank Edward Nora, host of the long-running Internet talk radio show “The Overnightscape” ( Released as part of a set called “Stuff I Sold on eBay in 2003” on February 2, 2008.

The Overnightscape #680 (2/2/08)


The Overnightscape #680 (Saturday, February 2, 2008 / 1:28:00 / 40.6 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Vague pleasurable memories, Treo 680, Palm OS, Palm stores closing, Palm mug, show notes, vintage computer “TRS-80”, Pascal, Inramble, TubeMogul, the world of online video, mobile video sites,, incense review (“Bouquet Essentials – Incense Coil Set – Jasmine Aura”), The Overnightscape incense tradition, an abundance of whiskey, getting older, Goldfrapp, Generation X, ancient computers, the dawn of videogames, growing up with computers, restaurant review (“Zen Burger” – vegetarian fast food restaurant), the fast food experience, global warming, the movie “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, “kipple” (word for junk that accumulates, made up by Philip K. Dick), grey goo, Ikea “Motorp” Storage Rack for Writing Materials, Ikea in Paramus, Big Ass Fans, chair shopping, Ikea “Bastis” dead animal pillows, cat goddess, big companies are evil, “Mark Lives in Ikea”, whiskey review (“Black Maple Hill – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – Premium Small Batch Bourbon”), disastrous typography, alcohol can be dangerous, some audio from Carrie Engdahl’s going away to Texas show “The Last Schmaltz”, Edirol R-09, phenomenon of people you know through other people, people at Carrie’s show, roller derby, Sisters of Mayhem, Manny the Mailman, Brian Jude, Jersey Devil Hunt, state monsters, burlesque,, The Paunch Stevenson Show, videos from the show, jasmine arm, a life experience of losing touch with a big group of people after breaking up with a girlfriend, looking forward to messed-up memories to remember, random memory of the song “Life Is Grand” by Camper Van Beethoven, crap floating around in your head, death, MacBook Air, WiTricity, getting rid of the last of the CDs, annoying aspects of CDs, selling CDs at stores, emotional attachment, letting go of the past, Willowbrook Mall, toy store closing, Cinnabon, video game buying, video game review (“Midway Arcade Treasures 3” for PS2), Funcoland, Hydro Thunder, San Francisco Rush 2049, Onsug update, using the Mercury Retrograde energy in a positive way, and the finale of the show. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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680 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

The Overnightscape #679 (1/31/08)


The Overnightscape #679 (Thursday, January 31, 2008 / 1:07:00 / 31 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Mermaid guy, the structure of reality, Republican Presidential Debate, Ron Paul, future Detroit area code,,, Rockefeller Center, Mercury Retrograde, you decide what is real in the world, we’re all just a bunch of losers hanging out, listeners presents (Eddie from Ireland – Cohiba Cuban cigars, Jerry from Southern California – “Van Winkle Special Reserve – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 12 Years Old”), Koyaanisqatsi, Conspiricast, cell phone transmissions, get rid of “www”, the story of “Rip Van Winkle”, whiskey review, alcoholism, 209, blurred memories, “Nothing Lasts, But Nothing Is Lost”, the studio lava lamp returns, lava stains, Duran Duran song “Lava Lamp”, Repo Man, air freshener review (“Car-Freshner Little Trees – Night Music”), Terminator, DVR, rare Walt Disney World map on eBay for an insanely high starting bid, Contemporary Resort Hotel, the walls of the walls, remembering throwing away all my Wired Magazines, the word “egoboo”, remembering a random song from the 80s (“Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang” by Monte Video), song “Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)” by The Ramones, staying late at work by myself at a prepress place in downtown Manhattan, cat treats, and good images in my mind. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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679 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

The Overnightscape #678 (1/29/08)


The Overnightscape #678 (Tuesday, January 29, 2008 / 1:20:00 / 36.7 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Mold and mildew, Atlanta, exurbs, “Subdivisions” by Rush”, E3 1998, Pokemon, all about Frank’s new video project “Inramble”, NYC video 2.0 meetups, Inramble #17 “Seriously Injured”, Seesmic, TubeMogul, thesaurus, new ideas, Senseo repair, tool drawer, “The Spirit of Radio” by Rush, Geddy Lee, “invisible railways crackle with life”, “INRACRWILI”, “Inrocker Wheelie”, “Inramble”, Flip Video Ultra, “Goodbye Chair”, filming a live Inramble video, year mistake, cool object review (“Liquid Cardboard No. 1”), book review (“Litterbugs Come In Every Size” by Norah Smaridge (Golden Press, 1972) – the book Frank lost in nursey school), monsters, real environmental issues vs. global warming, the movie “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, candy review (“Chocolate Mix Skittles”, “Limited Edition Twix Java”), Frank screws up the show again but fixes it with the backup recording, beer review (“Brooklyn Lager”), book “Transit Maps of the World”, Rose Riot, Meadowlands Xanadu, Izod Center and swamps. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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678 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

The Overnightscape #677 (1/26/08)


The Overnightscape #677 (Saturday, January 26, 2008 / 1:43:00 / 47.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Sugar crash, shape of New Jersey, feeling tired, money review (1999 New Jersey State Quarter – “Crossroads of the Revolution”, “old school”1995 $5 bill), the people of 1885 are all dead, men wearing bows in their hair, Frank’s long hair and ponytail days, layoffs in 2003, waves of change, Federal Reserve, the movie “The Money Masters”, Mr. Sasha the Cat, “Nevada” pronunciation, time travel, TV shows (“MASH”, “After MASH”, “Trapper John, MD”), Phish, Japanese beverage review (“Kirin Kitchen Diabolo Ginger”), Provence, France, Facebook, CIA, reconnecting with a friend from high school, new show “Tom Green’s House Tonight”, snow disappointment, Frank gets quoted in a blog The New York Times about American Idol (because of Twitter), moving away from TV, audiovisual TV garbage, TV show “24”, violence in media, the guy who played “Trapper John” on the TV show “MASH” (Wayne Rogers), 1984 CBS TV promos, 1982 ABC TV promos, powerful media, getting coffee, Fairwinds Coffee, the world of gift baskets, commuter mug, gum update, Japanese black coffee beverage review (“Nescafe Takumi”, “Suntory Black Boss”), a video by Martin Smith about the long-gone “WorldKey Information” system at EPCOT Center in Walt Disney World,, “Disneyland Forever”, kiosks, preserving media, nature of the universe, persistence, comments on MVB songs on The Overnightscape Underground, and caravans of cinnamon. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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677 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

Carrie Engdahl – The Last Schmaltz

The Last Schmaltz! Carrie Engdahl live at Tierney’s Tavern in Montclair, NJ on January 18, 2008. This was Carrie’s going away show… a lifelong NJ resident, she’s moving to Austin, TX! In fact she is on the road, heading there right now, as I write this post.

(recorded on my Edirol R-09 sitting on a table in the back of the room)

The Overnightscape #676 (1/23/08)


The Overnightscape #676 (Wednesday, January 23, 2008 / 1:11:00 / 32.7 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Accelerated rate of change, lots of stuff to talk about, recording setup, proximity effect, beige Macs, TV show review (“Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), fasinated by synthesizers, Minimoog Voyager Old School, analog sounds, snack review (“Act II Popcorn Balls”), beverage review (“Smirnoff Ice Triple Black”), podcast meetup, website review (“”), first encounter with Apple Macintosh in 1984, getting a Mac Plus in 1989, 20 MB hard drive for $500, new Apple products, Apple movie rentals, DRM, hi def TVs, open source media, BSD, report on The Overnightscape Tip Jar in 2007, Japanese grocery store “Katagiri”, chewing gum review (“Lotte Black Black Gum” in large plastic cup-like container), Frank is horrified to learn there is gelatin in the gum, chrysthanemum extract, maidenhair tree extract, ephemeral film on – “This Is Hormel” – all about a meat processing factory, hog carcasses, Cure 81 Hams, the story of bacon, pickled pigs feet, the production of gelatin, Spam, Frank’s experience of becoming a vegetarian, “pigs in a blanket”, last meat – pork roll sandwich, last shellfish – cold jumbo shrimp, last fish – tuna fish sandwich, sushi, and memory of what things tasted like. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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676 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

I was quoted in The New York Times

Well… one of the blogs run by The York Times. Check it out.

Playing Around With Video

Inramble is a new video project I’m playing around with. I’ve been shooting stuff on my Treo 680 which sucks quality-wise. Hopefully my new Flip Video Ultra will arrive soon. I just came up with the name yesterday and made the logo today. Who knows where this project will go, I’m just having fun with it at this point.

The Overnightscape #675 (1/16/08)


The Overnightscape #675 (Wednesday, January 16, 2008 / 2:00:00 / 55.1 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: Things under the couch, the “pants method”, wild weekend, issues with chairs, organizing for the new year, the furnaturial area, new chair (“Culley Chocolate Luxura Chair”), chairs destructing, chair buying at Staples, Donald Trump chairs, the third Overnightscape chair, Frank rips his blue jeans off, passing things on from pants to pants, the kipple problem, coupons, ink for inkjet printer, backwards chair, NFL football playoff game (Giants vs. Cowboys), “The Helmet Project” website – all football helmets ever, variations on a theme, World League football teams (1991 – 1992), Canadian Football League, Arena League, New Jersey Red Dogs, mathematics of casino gambling, computer casino game with “real” sports book (“Reel Deal Casino Gold Rush”), NetHack, Frank screws up the recording… but fixes it! (with the backup recording), injuries, cut finger, mouth burn, dropped phone, building an Ikea Billy bookshelf, selling used CDs at a store, cash, decelerating to exit off the highway,, DRM, videos of Frank (“Frank in Bryant Park”, “Chemdogs in New Jersey”), opening your eyes to the chemtrail pheniomenon, “replay” of Frank realizing the show is screwed up, backup recorder, TV show (“Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), Summer Glau, vegetable lasagna, No. 209 Gin, hanging around stores, retail experiences (comic book store at Rt. 1 Flea Market, Video Game Connections, NYU library copy center), snack review (“Cheerios Snack Mix – Original”), Doo-Dads, Chex Mix, asterisks, vague snack mixes, crazy weather, impending snowstorm, “The History of Howard Stern”, iPod game Peggle, doing show notes on the commute, the upcoming 2 million second mark, Facebook, cheating on a cartoon character quiz, funny comment spam, “grandmothers of Lumberton”, listener email (“Carrie from Texas” – article on how podcasting is not dead), the future, idea for a video project, buying a video camera, more videos (“Chemdogs on Route 3”, “Major Chembow on Route 46”, “Chemtrails Above A Shopping Plaza”, “Crazy Chemtrail Sky”), Stok at a local 7-11, Disney theme park fandom, looking for a video rip of the laserdiscs from the 1980’s WorldKey Information kiosks at EPCOT Center, random phrase, Samson G-Track USB microphone, Sonar LE, news of the mysterious (“Mr. Jesse the Cat is psychic”, “ghost cat”, “another old old woman crashes into the building”), my chair sucked, the ant situation, bees as a “royal” symbol, megalomaniacal thoughts, the hold list, parallel parking, field audio, Frank’s brother John, and a rumored abandoned subway station in the basement of the Flatiron Building. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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675 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

Video: Crazy Chemtrail Sky


Frank Edward Nora, host of, observes an insane chemtrail-filled sky on Rt. 46 in NJ.

Video: Chemtrails Above A Shopping Plaza


Frank Edward Nora, host of,observes chemtrails in the sky over a shopping plaza in NJ.

Video: Major Chembow on Rt. 46


Frank Edward Nora, host of, observes chemtrails and a chembow on Rt. 46 in NJ.

Video: Chemdogs on Route 3


Frank Edward Nora, host of, observing chemdogs in the sky while driving down Route 3 in NJ.

Video: Chemdogs in New Jersey


Frank Edward Nora, host of, in a parking lot in NJ observing sundogs / chemdogs and chemtrails in the sky.

The Overnightscape #674 (1/11/08)


The Overnightscape #674 (Friday, January 11, 2008 / 1:45:00 / 48.2 MB / – Tonight’s subjects include: An interview with singer-songwriter Carrie Engdahl (Frank’s sister-in-law), setting up the equipment, Manny the Mailman, Brian Jude, Twitter, early digital era, moving to Austin, Texas,, Carrie sings her song “Open Road”, Little Orphan Annie, musical experiences, piano lessons, the rules of music, from deep inside, college, the band Fuzzy Dauper, Rob DiCaterino (, Phil Mould, phone noise, playing in small venues, Hoboken, NJ, parking, Irish whiskey review (“Jameson”), Gibson guitar, Carrie plays her song “These Days”, the Steve Poltz fan community, The Rugburns, Jewel, living room shows, South By Southwest, The Underpass, Tierney’s Tavern, the dehumidifier, Mike June and The Dirty Doves, Carrie’s Going Away Show (Jan. 18, 9 pm, Tierney’s in Montclair),, Irish whiskey review (“Michael Collins Single Malt”), Carrie sings her song “You Should Know”, Carrie visits the Great Notch Inn, Hammond organ, leaving New Jersey, Conan O’Brien, NYC, “Grindhouse”, Austin City Limits, Irish whiskey review (“Tullamore Dew – 12 Years”), wkiskey drinking, Frank’s non-drinking days, Carrie sings her song “Old Glory Blues”, politics, New Hampshire Primary, Ron Paul, The Constitution, Michael Badnarik, Ron Paul rally in Philadelphia, the future, Carrie’s EP “Another Sunday Morning”, MySpace, Carrie plays her songs “Almost Anything” and “True Love”, origins of the Engdahl name, Swedish military names, and The Us Hounds. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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674 M3U (useful for streaming in some situations)

Video: Frank in Bryant Park NYC


Frank Edward Nora, host of, in Bryant Park in NYC on Jan 10, 2008

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